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Wild Dogs

April 28, 2012  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 625

We all are familiar with dogs. We know two types of dogs. One is road side dogs and other is pet dogs. Road side dogs have not any spices and they survive on the blessing of Gods. Pet dogs are pretty one for their owners. They care them like their children. Here I want to write about another type of dogs, these are wild dogs.


Wild dogs

We all are familiar with dogs. We know two types of dogs. One is road side dogs and other is pet dogs. Road side dogs have not any spices and they survive on the blessing of Gods. Pet dogs are pretty one for their owners. They care them like their children.
Here I want to write about another type of dogs, these are wild dogs.
Indeed we all dislike and fear with wild dogs. It is also truth that over peoples never seen a wild dog. We have very little knowledge about these which we got from tales or pictures of wild dogs. We believe that a wild dog is like wolves and big bad monsters hide behind the woods and waiting to attack on us. It is also ours believe that wild dogs kill domestic animals like cow, goat sheep and chickens. But it is not true.
Indeed wild dogs are beautiful and intelligent one. Wild dogs are hunter no doubt in it. There hunting is helpful to human being, because they kill the animals which are harmful for us like rats, mice and some other animals which damaged our crops.
It is funny that many peoples who love domestic dogs but they raise eye brows for wild dogs. They don’t know the fact that domestic dogs descended directly from wild dogs. More over wild dogs are intelligent and loyal like domestic pet dogs. A female wild dog gives birth to group of 2 to 10 pups each year. Both male and female wild dog care for them until they are fully grown.

Spices of wild dogs
Nearby 35 spices of the wild dogs family are known to world. Some from these are ARCTIC FOX, GRAY WOLF, RED FOX, FENNEC, BLACK BACKED JACKAL, REACCON DOG, AFRICAN WILD DOG, BUSH DOG.
The native place of wild dogs is North America. With passing of time gradually they spread to every continent except Antarctica. Their bodies gradually changed in different ways to survive in different parts of the world.
Wild dogs like to live in sun-backed deserts and frozen tundra region. Wild dogs have the ability of adaptation, it makes easy to live in different location. For example wild dogs that live in grasslands may be tall so they cannot see in over tall grass. Wild dogs who live in forest are good tree climbers and those who live in rivers are good swimmers.

Life style of wild dogs.
Wild dogs are good runner but not fastest one. So they chase there pray for long distance. Wild dogs have not big powerful jaws like cats so they cannot kill large prey single-handedly. Wild dogs have large nose. It helps them sense food and dangers. Its large pointed years help in catching many sounds. Wild dogs can hear sounds that are too high pitched for human years. Even wild dogs ears stand ups straight to hear the sound of other animals when they are sleeping.
Family system of wild dogs
Family is very important in wild dogs. Their family is well managed and organized. Males and females live together, even for life. They raise their pups together and some species the young may stay with their family after grown up. Large family of wild dogs know as packs. Elders feed and care young. This system strengthens family ties and keeps the group together.
Like human communities pack of wild dogs must be organized. Pack of wild dogs has their leader to make decision and settle arguments.
Like peoples they must be able to help one another. For example in human community a single elder may take care to children. Like it when pack of wild dogs go off to hunt elder female wolf may be left behind to care pups.


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