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The importance of social marketing

April 28, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Money Market  Earning $0.20   Views: 848

Online marketing is essential to sell a product in today's world. Sites like face book and twitter should be used to market a product. The importance of using such sites is outlined here.


A business needs advertising to sell. In earlier days, it was enough to post ads in newspapers and other mediums like radio or television. The web world changed all that. In today’s world which relies on the internet for everything, social marketing strategies are very essential to sell a product. People rely on online product reviews and customer feedback to get first hand reports before buying a product or service. Therefore it is imperative to market a product though the popular social networking sites to boost sales and goodwill.

The importance of face book and twitter should not be underestimated. These sites promote a product like anything. A business owner who promotes his business through these sites will be exposed to millions of users throughout the world. A product can go ‘viral’ in minutes. Such exposure is very good for increasing sales. A face book page that contains exact details about products, contact information and positive feedback will not mislead a curious person. The Increasing number of ‘likes’ for the page means increasing popularity and good sales for the business. Face book has users from all over the world. Advertisements which are placed conveniently on face book walls give enough and more popularity and publicity.

Twitter is also an important social website. A business organization can utilize twitter to keep good connections with customers. Customers will get irritated if they cannot contact the customer service because of busy lines. This could mean a drastic loss in deals and negative publicity as well. Twitter updates and personal messages help to solve issues and keep the customers happy. Twitter can also be used to update people about promotions, cool deals, new products and fun information.

Online marketing is essential to promote products. Marketing has to be done with professional help so that the business benefits by it. It is not enough to just open social networking accounts, post a few updates and forget about it. Any lack of communication will affect the product in a negative manner. Therefore it should be remembered that a person entrusted with social communication has to be active in such sites. He or she should also try to increase the ‘following’ in order to expand the business. There are other social websites but face book and twitter are the most popular. Their popularity can be cashed by businesses with the help of professionals.


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