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Tips For Safety Driving

April 28, 2012  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $0.35   Views: 942

This article gives you some tips to for safety driving. If we are ready to follow these tips we can reduce road accident and save the life of many people.


The following are some tips for safety driving. All drivers should follow these tips to reduce the accident rate.

1. Don't sleep while you drive. Don’t drive long distances when you’d normally be asleep.
Keep all traffic rules. Obey all traffic signals, lights and signs.

2. Drunk driving is very dangerous. So don’t consume alcohol if you have plan to drive.

3. Avoid medications because that may make you drowsy when you need to drive. Drowsy driving is very high-risk behavior.

4. Drive in minimum speed. Over speed is dangerous and may lead to accident.

5. Use indicators and signals when you change lanes.

6. Don’t try to drive if you are tired and not feeling well. Driving is risk if you are tired.

7. The driver as well as all others in the vehicle should wear seat belt.

8. Don’t attend mobile call while you drive. Switch off your mobile phone before you drive. Attending the call may lead to lose your concentration.

9. Avoid competition. If anyone wants to overtake you, let him.

10.Always be cautious about pedestrians, animals and slow moving vehicles like bullock cart, cycle rickshaw etc.

11.Don’t think that clutch is a tool for footrest. Never keep your foot on clutch unnecessarily while driving.

12.When you go for a long journey, keep a companion with you. He/she can help you when you get tired when you drive.

13.Don’t use wrong gears. Always go in correct gears. Going in wrong gear may lead to accident.

14.Use horn when it is necessary. Don’t forget to limit the speed of your vehicle and use horn when you reach in curves and turns.

15.If you are going for a long trip, schedule regular stops every 200 kilometers.

16.Careful driving is must. Don’t give opportunity to lose concentration while you drive. Lack of concentration will lead to accident.

17.If you find yourself sleepy while you drive, stop your vehicle and nap for at least 30 minutes.

18.While driving always keep your driving license and other important documents with you such as vehicle registration certificate, insurance certificate, road tax, P.U.C certificate etc.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 05/11/2012    Points:3    

It was a couple of months ago that I met with an accident. Ever since then, I have been very skeptical about driving again. It was just a slip of my bike and I fell off - no clash no dash. But I have been reading the safety articles very carefully since then. This one is also important to me as I knew a couple of things for the first time.

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