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Internet Addiction

April 29, 2012  by: Sarika  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.15   Views: 939

This article is an effort to spread awareness about internet addiction.


Internet Addiction

Summer was approaching its end. Beauty, so full of youth, was scattered as far as it can be seen within the limits of the eye. Blossoming flowers, swiftly flowing wind, singing birds, curvaceous dancing rivers and trees swaying their branches here and there in joy and happiness. Everything was so mesmerizing and there lied Yaksha on grass, so deep in pain. Pain and despair of loneliness and desire. He was far away from the love of his life as he was banished to Ramagiri by Kuber, the boss, due to failure to perform his duty.

So deep his pain was that his large, dark brown eyes were swollen because of continuous crying and even then tears did not stop flowing. He saw a dark big cloud resting over a mountain. Thinking it might take his message to his loved one, he approached the mighty cloud. After explaining all his agonies he pleaded “megh doot” to carry his love message to his home. Moved by such true love, megh doot replied:

“Com’on Man! Do not lose heart. I can understand all that you are going through. Why don’t you just log in and chat with her for some time?

Unable to understand this modern terminology, with rolling and astonished eyes, Yaksha begged him to shed some light over this logging and chatting concept. Owing his happiness to the pinnacle of communication technology (internet) – as he was also away for months from his lady cloud – megh doot explained Yaksha everything about internet from trivial to complicated details. With eyes full of hope and gratitude, Yaksha looked at the cloud and in a blink on an eye. ‘Megh doot’ turned into ‘Megh devta’ for him. His devta offered him a computer, an internet connection and a webcam and with lots of wishes went “antardhyan”. Now, Yaksha logged in and got plugged into an absolutely new world after which he never looked back.

Undoubtedly, Internet revolution has touched each and every realm of our lives. Be it love, life, economy, information, society, communication, entertainment, career, sports or food – from anything to everything, just name it. It turned out to be the genie, which is always ready with the answers to all our questions. In such a short time, it has become impossible to imagine a life without internet. The virtual life that internet provides is addictive beyond imagination. One irresistible aspect of this virtual life is “chatting!.

The thrill to gain acquaintance with a stranger from another corner of this world and the chance to exchange information is overwhelming. Chatting is so tempting that the serious consequences associated with “chatdiction” (chatting addiction) are simply overlooked and ignored. Few years back, addiction to television was associated with attention deficit and not it has been predicted that internet addiction can affect human information processing capability.

What makes the chatting and surfing so addictive? Among other reasons, why people turn to cyberspace, some of the important ones are – to get rid of the loneliness, pass their time, in search of adventure and a probable partner, to flirt or to find solace and recognition. The anonymity in chatting was admitted to be one of the biggest appeals. It provides the freedom of speech without any real consequences – getting slapped for example.

Unpredictable nature of chatting (sometimes getting what you want and sometimes not) affects human psyche by making it more attractive and mysterious and contributes more towards chatdiction. On one side, chatting and surfing are providing psychological relief, while on the other side they are giving rise to psychological disorders and shockingly to criminal activities. Internet addicts find it difficult to cope up with their real lives, tend to forget, spend more and more time on internet, neglects family and friends, feel empty and depressed when they are away from their computer, starts lying and hiding the facts, skip meals or eat in front of monitor, have sleep disturbances and complains of migraines and backaches. The feeling of “not getting enough” creeps up in them and they just cannot give up the urge of being connected. This restlessness has ended up in many divorces, online infidelity, loss of jobs, drop out of schools, personality problems and detachment from the real world and in extreme cases depression and suicide.

In her book “caught in the net” psychologist Kimberly s. young shares with us the experiences of dozens of cyberspace addicts, whose lives were shattered because of this insuppressible urge to surf or chat. This book, quoting real life stories and dangers associated with internet addiction disorder (IAD), provides guidance on where and how to seek for help. Another quite interesting book is “the psychology of Internet” by Patricia M. Wallace. The author has very delicately touched almost all the areas related to internet and recent public concern. Resources related to IAD which are available at www.netaddiction.com and www.addictionrecov.org are also worth a click. This problem is still in its infancy, it should be considered seriously as it is just like any other addiction – smoking, drugs or alcoholism. IAD is real. It is a psychological disorder, which should not be ignored and left unchecked. It is devastating and the danger of its spreading is imminent, as strengthen by the increasing need of internet and the fact that these days internet cafes are mushrooming at every corner of the road.

Coming back to Yaksha, he who entered in the world of chatting with his love and never looked back was having the time of his life. What else he ever longer for? Nothing, but just to be with his wife. They both forgot days and nights and distance intensified their emotions. With passing time, Kuber came to know about the entire situation and one day sent a one line e-mail to Yaksha. It read “You are Fired”.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 05/07/2012    Points:5    

Internet is a great way to keep in touch with people and share ideas with others through blogging, chatting and instant messaging. With the right sites, support and tools they can develop our knowledge and social skills safely. While the internet is valuable medium that allows children to explore and develop to their full potential, it also contains hiddent threats to the safety and well-being of people. These threats include online gaming and addiction, cyber bullying, online sexual harassment and exploitation, as well as exploitative marketing. Therefore protective measures are extremely critical to ensure that the internet is people-friendly and that it promotes rather than dangers, people's self development.

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