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The Importance of Customer Retention

April 29, 2012  by: prithiviputra  Points: 7   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 633

Customer Retention plays a vital role in business management especially when it comes to customer relationship management.


Customer relationship management or CRM is all about acquiring new customers and retaining the existing customers with precision. It is extremely important to acquire new customers to your product. It is said that any business for that matter would not flourish if it fails to acquire new customers to it. Therefore as a growing businessman it is absolutely essential to acquire new customers into your business in order to build it gradually. It is indeed true that new customers can reach your product in more than one way. They would come to your business site through word of mouth. Sometimes they get referred by the existing customers too. Your aim should be to bring in as many new customers as possible in a given point of time.

Some business experts might say that the success of business consists in the retention of the existing customers. This is due to the fact that retention of customers is not an easy task to perform. Customers should get extremely satisfied when they use your products. In other words customer satisfaction is one of the key factors that contribute to building the concept of customer retention. Customer retention cannot take place overnight. It is a gradual process like finding new customers. It is indeed true that customers keep a close watch on all the moves you make as a business vendor. They observe aspects such as customer support and customer service with great care. Make sure that you provide the best customer service in order to impress upon your customers. The same is true when it comes to customer support as well.

Customer support too should be of great quality in order to attract new customers and to retain the existing ones. It is said that customer retention goes a long way in establishing your business by leaps and bounds. Business experts are of the opinion that it is just enough to retain customers than acquire new customers after a certain period of business growth. This kind of opinion is partly true in the sense that if you safeguard your existing customers to a great extent by retaining them your repeat sales tend to increase by leaps and bounds. Repeat sales are those that the old or the existing customers generate again and again. Any company for that matter would survive if its business gets improved by the role of the existing customers. Thus it is said that customer retention is a chief factor in the development of any business for that matter.

If a company fails in the aspect of customer retention then it would suffer very badly and perhaps lose its stand in the arena of business world. Therefore many businessmen make it a point to treat customers as the most important persons in their premises.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 05/02/2012    Points:6    

Nobody can succeed in the field of business without maintaining a healthy customer relationship. Because customer is an important asset of an organization. A good business man should behave well with his customers and treat them very well. A good organization should give proper training to its employees and teach them how to handle the customers in the correct way. Once the customers are satisfied with a company and its product, they of course will visit the same place again and again. So never try to neglect the customers and to give proper consideration and respect to them. Give equal consideration to all customers even though they have gentle look or bad look. We can't judge a man from his dressing and physical appearance. Whoever it is treat him gently. It is the best way to get success in business. There is no business without customers.
Author: prithiviputra        
Posted Date: 05/02/2012    Points:1    

Yes, it is true. Customers are indeed the backbone of any business.

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