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Another Female Infanticide in India

April 30, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Social    Views: 1092

It has become very common nowadays in India to find newspapers, flashing news about killings of female children. Within a short span of time many girl children have been sacrificed for the thirst for male children. Even in this twenty first century many castes in the country are restricting the birth of female gender.


Outlookindia.com reported on 30,April, 2012 that a third case of abandoning a baby girl by her parents occurred within a fortnight. The newborn girl child was abandoned by her own parents at a hospital in a place called Rohtak, in Haryana. The parents of the baby girl left her abandoned in the hospital at night and left the place.

On April 18, an auto-rickshaw driver found a four-day-old girl child, abandoned near a dustbin in Udyog Vihar. The baby was thrown, wrapped in a polybag. On April 13, a well off couple abandoned their eighteen month old girl child at the Civil Hospital in Gurgaon.

Killing or abandoning baby girls is found very common in India. Many innocent babies, just because they are girls, are killed secretly in so many ways. Gender discrimination is increasing in the country in spite of many efforts taken by the government and welfare organizations. The demographic statistics showing the gender discrimination is really very shocking to any reasonable mind.

A country going dry of female members

Have you ever seen in any country posters requesting to protect female children? In India, many organizations have come out with such posters. Recently an NGO called SMILE has come out with an awareness message telling the people, “Imagine advising your son eligible for marriage not to get married as there are not enough girls available to find a match for him. In some parts of India, there is only one girl available for every group of 15 boys eligible for marriage.”

Government is taking all measures

The central government of India is taking many steps to curtail these gender discrimination practices. Yet, gender ratio in many states in the country is very discriminative. State governments take steps to safeguard the welfare of women. The state of Haryana, where the sex ratio of women is very low, set up a Corporation in 1987 for the development of women in the state and to promote activities for the development and advancement of women. They also undertake the task of socioeconomic and health development of women.
Alarming difference in sex ratio

Birth of a girl baby is considered as a curse to the family. Preference or sons over daughters has been a culture in the country. This can be seen clearly in the demographic statistics fo India. According to the 2011 Census, the sex ratio in Haryana state is 877 females per 1,000 males.

Adverse results are already leading to social problems

The great variation in sex ratio is already creating social problems in the country.

1) Female foeticide and infanticide in Haryana have reduced the number of girls. Jat youths in the state are unable to get brides in their state. They travel from Haryana state thousands of kilometers across the country in search of brides.

2) The shortage of women forces the men to to break culture, language and caste barriers to find suitable brides elsewhere in the country.

3) Girls are forced to marry before 18 and sometimes they are forced to marry very elderly men. Age difference between husband and wife is more than 10 years. It causes further psychological problems.

4) Men in the state become psychologically perverted which leads to many crimes. Sex abuse, rape and other crimes are increasing day by day.

Going against nature for selfish reasons is always dangerous. Balance in gender ratio only can build up a healthy society. Female infanticide and female foeticide will definitely affect the whole humanity.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 05/02/2012    Points:13    

Killing and leaving girl children are the common process of India. I can say that poverty among people are the main reason for this process. India is not a developed country. Most of the people in India are lying under poverty line. They don't have enough money to look after their children. So the only way in front of them is to leave their children especially the girl children.

Girl children are always burden for parents who are living in poverty. They can't send their girl children outside for labour work because of sex exploitation. So they are always worrying by thinking of their girl children. In order to avoid their tension, the only way in front of them is abandoning or killing these children in the beginning stage. These parents are so happy, when the get boy children. There is no need to earn wealth for boys. When they become young, they themselves go out in search of job and earn money for families. Then the parents become more happy because their daily income is increasing because of their male children. So they always try to keep their male children.

The dowry system prevailing in India is the main reason for increasing rate of killing of girl children. If they give birth to girls, parents have to earn more money to conduct their marriage. Nobody is ready to marry a girl without dowry. But in front of parents, there is no way to earn money. They always earn money for their daily bread. They can't earn handful of money because they are very poor and not educated.

If the government of each state is ready to give free and compulsory education to poor people and can give voluntary education, we can eliminate this process from our country. If people are educated, they can earn enough money by using their skill. It will decrease the rate of girls' killing.

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