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Gestational diabetes: Symptoms, treatment, control and precautions.

May 02, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.75   Views: 1069

Gestational diabetes or pregnancy diabetic problems are very common now. But why such a problem occurs during pregnancy and what are its solutions or what precautions can you take is discussed through this article.


Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes has become very common problem now-a-days, especially, within the last five to seven years. Women who never had this problem of diabetes could develop this diabetes during their pregnancy. It is also estimated that around 20 percent of the women are affected with this diabetes in their pregnancy. If the blood sugar level rises in the blood during pregnancy then it is called gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes is first detected during pregnancy. As a result, the blood sugar level of the body increases. Sometimes, those women who earlier had diabetes but somehow, it was not detected earlier get affected with this diabetes in their pregnancy.

At present this diabetes is on the rise among the pregnant women globally including India. The need of the hour is to detect the problem as early as possible and go for the treatment. If timely treatment is not done then both the new born and the mother could be in problem in the future.

Who could have the risk of gestational diabetes?

** If you are pregnant after 30 years of age.

** If you have a family history of diabetes.

** If you have delivered a baby of nine pounds in the past or the baby had some birth related problems.

** Due to high blood pressure.

** Excess of amniotic fluid in the body.

** Past history of miscarriage.

** Excess of weight gain during pregnancy.

** Obesity

** Sugar in urine.


To start with there are very mild symptom of gestational diabetes or to be precise no symptoms at all. Therefore, most women remain unaware of it. But this type of diabetes is not a fatal one and after the delivery it subsides naturally. The symptoms of gestational diabetes include:

**. Blurred eyes

**. Weakness or fatigue

**. Frequent infections in the urinary bladder

**. Frequent thirst

**. Frequent urinary passage

**. Vomiting

**. Loss in weight

In some cases, gestational diabetes may not show any symptoms as mentioned above.

Normally, it has been found that in the mid period of pregnancy gestational diabetes could be found. Therefore, it is essential to do an oral screening test from 24th to 28th week of pregnancy. If something is found in the report then GTT or glucose tolerance test needs to be done. For those of you are in the high risk factor stage needs to do the test in the very first stage of pregnancy. Furthermore, if gestational diabetes is found then you need to buy a glucometer and measure the level of glucose in your blood at home according to the direction of your physician.

Diabetes related problems during pregnancy

Those women who are affected with gestational diabetes could face problems during delivery. For instance, the new born baby could be four to five time more than the normal weight. This could result in the birth injury of the new born baby. In these cases, cesarean birth is recommended by your doctor. The new born baby may be affected by jaundice and the blood sugar level may be low after birth. Gestational diabetes should be treated at the right time or this could be cause a serious problem in the future for the mother and the baby.

After the delivery, the blood sugar level of women returns back to normal. But doctors do check it from time to time about it. In some cases, it is also seen that gestational diabetes affected women may get affected with type 2 diabetes after 10 to 15 years of their delivery. Especially, those women who are overweight and obese have very much chance to be affected with it.


If you are found to be affected with gestational diabetes you need to be in control without getting panic. You need to remember that there are doctors for this who will treat the same. But if you get tensed and think about gestational diabetes it will adversely affect the new baby in your womb. In excess tension blood sugar levels do not remain in control.

From the beginning of the treatment the main intention of the doctors are to keep the glucose level of the patients in control and to monitor the condition of the baby in the womb. If required ultra sound test is also done to find if there is everything is well inside the womb.

For gestational diabetes, together with medicines, dieting and slight exercise is also needed. Medicines are given according to the health condition of the pregnant mothers and the baby in the womb.

Control and precautions

Your diet chart should be a well balanced one consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Vitamins, calories and minerals are also required in the right doses. It is advisable not to skip meals to keep the blood sugar level in check. You should also avoid sugary items from your diet which will increase the level of glucose in your blood.

Diet and exercise

Diet plays an important role in the treatment of gestational diabetes. Hence, you need prepare a diet chart with the help of an experienced dietician. While preparing the diet chart one needs to keep the following factors in mind.

**. With the help of experts, you need to prepare a balanced diet chart comprising of fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals,

**. To maintain the glucose level in the body you should never skip any meals, especially, breakfast.

**. You need to consume required amount of complex carbohydrates like bread, cereals, pasta, rice etc.

**. You need to avoid soft drinks, cakes, pastries, candies, soda etc.

**. Prepare a diet chart with an expert mentioning your body height and weight.

**. Take snacks two to three times in a day.

**. Take less carbohydrates in the first meal of the day, that is, in your breakfast.

**. Consume vitamin C and iron rich diets regularly.

**. You need to avoid the consumption of alcohol.

**. Walk regularly on a flat ground everyday. It will keep in control the level of sugar in your blood and also decreases the requirement of insulin in the body.

**. Do light exercise regularly as instructed by the doctors.

Whatever you will do you need to consult with your doctors first before doing anything. Never go for self medication as this could be very dangerous. Do things methodically and as suggested by your doctors and you will soon find your problems solved to a great extent.


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