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Just Dial and Talk with President Obama in South India

May 02, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Social    Views: 902

If you want to talk with American president Barack Obama, you need not worry about any formality. Just dial the phone +9177523297 and wait. You can hear the voice of Barack Obama, calling you from Hyderabad, the South Indian city. It is not a joke or false, since the phone number you dial is registered in the name of American President Barack Obama.


In a country, where you have have to stand in a long queue for everything, you can get an easy phone connection in the name of some VIPs. The phone connection with the number +9177523297 is registered in the name of the American President Barack Obama. If you dial +9177523297, a youth from Andhra Pradesh state answers your call from the other end. If you search in detail, you can find out the truth that the connection belongs to a person named M Prasad of Nalgonda in Andhra Pradesh. The leading Indian newspaper Times Of India, dated 1 May, 2012, has brought out this to light. It may not be surprising to know that in October 201 India had 881.4 million cell phones with a teledensity of 76.03 percent. In India, getting a phone connection is easier than getting a packet of milk.

Report from Times of India

Times Of India of Hyderabad edition reports that if the records of a private telecom operator are to be believed, then US President Barack Obama is a 21-year-old resident of Nalgonda in Andhra Pradesh. The daily has brought to light the telling laxity of the telecom service providers in granting telephone connections to all and sundry without proper verification. This has enabled a Nalgonda resident by the name of M Prasad secure a cellphone connection with the number 9177523297 by submitting the photograph of the US President as his own. For the proof of his identity for connection application, Prasad submitted Obama’s photograph and copy of his driving license. He had pasted a blurred photograph of the President on the copy of his driving licence to get an Airtel phone connection.

Alert from the police

The police officials who came to know about this alerted the superiors to take up the matter with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. The police have also registered a case and got the number disconnected. The unbridled competition among various service providers, who hire third party sales people to increase cell connections, has enabled this blunder easy.

In a country where you have to stand in a long queue

You cannot process genuine requirements so easily. If you are an NRI and want to get an email registered with a bank, you have to prove your physical presence. If you want to get a community certificate , you will be run from pillar to post. Everything delayed in government offices and many times rejected with merciless reasons. But a telephone number was granted to Obama from Nalagonda was granted without any verification. Perhaps, tomorrow an Osama bin Laden may apply and get things done very easily!


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