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A brief insight on corporate disease

May 03, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 551

Irritating mood, sleeplessness or insomnia, tastelessness in work - All these unwanted things are putting too much pressure on carriers. Together with these there are also the problems of hands, legs and head aches. To get a way out of these naturally go through this article.


Corporate disease

In your day to day life when you come back from a hectic schedule at office you feel very much irritated. Together with this sometimes you go through a phase of severe pain on your neck, strain in the eyes and severe head aches. Besides, you go through sleepless nights which has its own bad effect on your overall health. Medically, this condition is known as corporate disease.

Effects of corporate disease

There are many side effects of corporate diseases which disturb the normal impulse of your life. Sometimes, you get so much peeved off with things that it seems hardly impossible to lead a rosy and well counterpoised life. Let us take a walk through the troubles you may come across when you go through phase of ill-fated corporate disease syndrome.

*. Together with a lot of physical problems there, also remains too much moral or mental pressure.

*. Through a constant brain work at office you feel physically weak and tired. This also results in lack of concentration in work or your work seems to be monotonous to you in the long run.

*. You also get exposed to certain health related risks like high blood pressure, gastrolysis, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, carcinoma ( a common type of cancer ), nerve related problems, heart attacks etc.

*. Sometimes, to cut down the tastelessness of your life you become alcoholic or get indulged with smoking.

*. You also get exposed to lumbar disc injury. It is a disease related with your spine which gets associated with pain etc.

*. You get tremendous pain on you hips and limbs.

*. Your normal duration of sleep gets disturbed. Hence, problems like insomnia also affects you to a great extent.

*. Besides, head aches, tears from eyes becomes a regular problem. Sometimes due to excess amount of pressure exerted your wrists swell up and your fingers become sensitive.

*. Moreover, irritable bowl syndrome or indigestion, stomach ache etc becomes a part and parcel of your life.

Reason for corporate disease

There are many reasons for corporate disease. Sometimes, it is found that to cut down depression from one's life one gets into the habit of eating high calorie diets. Due to the lack of physical activity one gets obese together with high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, heart attacks and strokes. Besides, with the consumption of cheese, salty and fried food stuffs one get affected with gastric problems. Consumption of too much of oily food makes you prone to gastric cancer. Moreover, if you eat open foods that are sold outside you have the possibility of getting affected with pillory infection. On the other hand, it has been also found out that because of stress people sometimes reduce their normal intake of food which leads to anorexia nervous disease.

Working for a long time in front of the computer leads to putting too much pressure on the lumbar spine. This itself results in lumbar disc injury and hip aches. Within a span of time, this could even spread towards the leg causing you much discomfort and painful situation. Spending too much time in front of the computer may create problems on your neck, wrist, elbow. This could lead to you chronic fitness syndrome.

What you need to do?

These are the problems that one goes through while spending too much time in front of the computer or sitting on a particular place for a long time during the office hours . Well, the question is what can be done to avoid such a situation? Well, to tell you the truth there are many ways through which you can save yourself from such a condition if only you could be a little bit careful about it.

Walk in the open in between your work for this would help you to get rid of hip and leg pain. You also need to sleep six to eight hours regularly. This could relieve you from tastelessness and fatigue and of course your brain will also get the much required rest. Rely much more on home made foods and avoid eating outside from the small hotels located at the corner of the streets. You also need to avoid fried and junk foods. Avoid sitting in front of the computer for a long time and glaring at it constantly. You also need to sit in a comfortable chair where you can relax for a while in between your works. While working in a desk-top computer make sure to keep your hands on the table. This would prevent putting excess pressure on the wrists, hands and fingers. After taking your meals walk for a while before finally getting back into your work. This would help to digest your food properly. Besides, from time to time make sure to wash your eyes with clean water. This prevents head-aches and tears falling from your eyes. Finally, if the problem still persists do not hesitate to pay a visit to your doctor for better treatment and cure.


The present nature of today's job demands a great level of input from your side. You have to give your hundred percent to be at the top or your counter parts will take the opportunity and you may stay behind. The nature of job is also changing with the change of time and today some sectors of the job industries like the IT industry needs hundred percent commitment from the employees. These companies may have many facilities to help the employees out to fight out certain health related problems and stress but you, as an employee, need to do your homework so that you stay fit and agile for a long time without hampering your health. The need of the hour is that you have to be a bit careful from your side and do the certain dos so that it is you who have the last laugh. You need to remember the fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and vice-verse. Hence, if only you be able to maintain your level of fitness you will be able to survive for a long time. In this world of competitions only the toughest survives while the weakest fades away in due time. So, arise today and make up your mind to do everything possible to tune up your life and make it spicy. You need to take up this challenge now so that it never becomes too late from your side. I wish you all the best in your humble approach.


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