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How to Keep the Hair Cuticle Healthy

May 04, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 642

From concentrating on the skin care instructions, the focus of every human has certainly transferred to the locks. A simple hair cut or a slender modification in your routine hair style could entirely change the way you look. Here are some simple tips for a healthy and voluminous hair.


You might have tried out dozen of tips and tricks but still can’t get the desirable results on how to keep hair cuticle healthy but the tips chalked on this page exclusively to help you take care of your hair in a better way would indubitably give you longing outcomes. Besides your attire and make-up, the way you carry your hair indeed makes a huge difference to your appearance. From concentrating on the skin care instructions, the focus of every human has certainly transferred to the locks. A simple hair cut or a slender modification in your routine hair style could entirely change the way you look.

Pose a perfect hair cuticle

The cuticle of hair is basically the protective lair that saves your locks from dirt and makes them look shiny and flawless as ever. If you want to guard your beautiful hairs from the damagers that could harm them, restricting you from experimenting with various hair styles and thus flaunt them among your peers then it is mandatory to take care of the cuticle. Here are some of the quick tricks that would help to make your locks ever so shinier and healthier:

• Choose your hair accessories wisely- always be careful while handling your locks. Avoid pulling them off roughly or binding them in one position tightly for longer duration. Use a comb that is not harsh on your scalp and hair but is gentle while you rub it to clear out the tangles. Also, if your hair gets tangled while removing the hair pins, try and tenderly release them instead of breaking them instantly.

• Curtail the use of hair equipments- you might find the usage of devices like hair straightening irons, electronic curlers and blow dryers really instant and friendly while you are getting ready for either a formal party or a casual hangout trip with friends but in long run, the excessive heat produced by these equipments could damage your hair cuticle. So, try to limit the use of these implements as much as possible. Instead, dry your locks naturally before styling them.

• Circumvent regular contact with chemicals- though it is believed that washing hair could always improve the quality of your hair, it is a pure myth. You are not required to wash your locks until you feel that they are dirty as a regular exposure to shampoos could weaken you cuticle and ultimately damage it to a huge extent. You could rinse them and mildly apply conditioner on your locks to preserve the moisture content in your hairs.

Healthy Diet for Beautiful Hair

To make yourself more familiar with the techniques about how to keep hair cuticle healthy you should understand that your hairs are intensively influenced by the food items you choose to eat. Green vegetables, fruits with right amount of protein and carbohydrate intake could help to grow the cuticle healthier. Besides, supplements providing Vitamin B could also make your hair thick and silky. It is also recommended to dink adequate glasses of water during the day as it would help your locks shiny.

By following the tips stated on how to keep hair cuticle healthy would certainly assist you to make the most important feature of your body, that is, your hairs even more presentable. Thus, you could gain all the praises from your circle by exhibiting the perfectly healthier locks when you step out of your home.


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