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The Cult of Santa Meurto

May 04, 2012  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 629

The Cult of Santa Meurto involves venerating death and a Goddess that represents it


Death is all pervading and something to be feared. This is the basis of the belief in Santa Meurto, who is also known as the Goddess of death. In popular perception Santa Meurto is in the form of a skeleton wearing a robe with a globe and Scythe in her hand. The globe symbolizes power and the scythe death.

Belief in this Goddess is strong in Mexico and has now spread to the USA as well. At a conservative estimate this cult has about 2 million followers. The cult of Santa Meurto is strong among the poorer sections of Mexican society and believers feel that this goddess will save a human from any tragedy and misfortune. The rituals of worship are similar to Catholics like processions and prayers.

Though the Catholic Church condemns this goddess as un-Christian, yet in Mexico people who are Catholics worship this goddess as a part of Christian belief. Good Catholics also worship Santa Meurto and believers do not feel there is a dichotomy in this.
Belief in this goddess is a Mesoamerican concept probably from the time of the Azetic civilization which venerated death. The arrivals of the Spaniards put a stop to this belief but it never really died down and has surfaced again. Earlier the rituals were carried out in secret, but now the believers have come in the open.

Santa Meurto is the patron saint of men in hazardous occupations like drug smuggling and also people who work late like bar girls and taxi drivers. The goddess is supposed to protect them.

The Catholic Church which is the dominant religion in Mexico has condemned the practice of worshipping Santa Meurto. Cult believers may also take extreme steps like sacrificing human beings at the altar of the Goddess in the hope that their problems will be wished away. Despite the opposition of the Catholic Church the belief in Santa Meurto is strong in Mexico. Observers do not expect that it will go away.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 05/09/2012    Points:1    

Interesting article dear friend Madan. Hope you will accept me as your friend here and suggest some guiding tips for our mutual promotion. Thank you.
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 05/23/2012    Points:3    

thank you for sharing this very interesting piece of information. I have seen Santa Muerto in many movies and thought it was just a ghostly imagination of the film maker. I could have never imagined that, that ghost in long black robes with a scythe is actually a Goddess and is worshipped. I was always fascinated by that figure and now I know what that is. Thank you once again.

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