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Reviewing a Movie Made in 1968" Girl on a Motorcycle"

May 05, 2012  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Movies    Views: 870

The movie Girl on a Motorcycle though made 40 years back is a cult movie that can''t fail to enthuse a film buff even now


All over the world not many women can be seen riding motorbikes. In most cases when we conjure up the image of a woman and a bike, we relate it only as a sex symbol to sell a bike. Alternative we conjure up a vision of a woman as a part of the macho image of a man with a woman sitting behind and hugging the rider.
But this is not the entire truth and some adventurous women do ride motorcycles. An example is the movie Girl on a Motorcycle, that hit the screen nearly 4 decades back. Produced and directed by Jack Cardiff the movie took the accepted norms by storm by portraying a girl as a motorcyclist. I first saw the movie in 1971, at a cinema hall in Chennai and it made a deep impression on me.
The Movie Plot
The Movie based on the French writer Andre P de Mandiagues novel is an exciting piece of cinema. The movie delineates the road adventures of Rebecca played by the French actress of that period Marianne Faithfull. We can recollect this lovely actress as the epitome of French beauty nearly four decades back.
The heroine in the movie is a beautiful young woman whose quest for liberation and freedom is fulfilled by a monster bike, complete with self start option. The movie revolves around the adventures of Rebecca who leaves her husband to have a tryst with her lover in Germany. The lover is played by Alan Delon, a star who had lit the screen many decades back.
The Movie and Sex
The girl motorcyclist wears nothing except a fur lined leather riding suit. This enhances her sex appeal and adds a new dimension of sexuality to the movie. This 1968 film does have erotic content, but it is excellently integrated with the theme of the movie- a girl seeking freedom and expression by riding her motorcycle. The movie raises questions of existentialism and free love as well as an undercurrent of passion and its genre.
Running for 90 minutes the movie cannot fail to engross viewers even though 40 years have elapsed. In that respect it is definitely a cult movie that deserves our attention. Movie buffs cannot afford to miss this movie, which is fast paced. It projects the girl motorcyclist in a different light.
The movie has excellent direction and background score. These heighten the effect of the movie. The 'girl on a motorcycle' can certainly be classified as an epoch making movie that can be an inspiritation to the girl motorcyclists of the present age.


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Reviewing a Movie Made in 1968" Girl on a Motorcycle"
The movie Girl on a Motorcycle though made 40 years back is a cult movie that can''t fail to enthuse a film buff even now


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