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A brief guide on teeth bleaching.

May 07, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.30   Views: 1098

This article gives complete and up-to-date information on teeth bleaching. Details have been given about what is teeth bleaching, what are its types, why it needs to be done and how it is done. Besides, this article aslo briefs the readers about some common questions that arises in the mind of readers regarding teeth bleach.


What is teeth bleaching?

The chemical process that is used to whiten teeth and to remove stain is known as teeth bleaching . Over a period of time teeth my get stained and look yellowish and dull because of regular use. Your teeth may become discolor because of exposure to beverages like tea and coffee or because of smoking. Therefore, you may need teeth bleaching from time to time to remove the dicolorization of your teeth.

Why whiteness of teeth is lost?

Whiteness of teeth is lost in two ways. First, it can happen from one''s birth. In fact, each one of us is born with an unique set of teeth, color etc. This very factor determines how our teeth will shape up in the future. Besides, eating spicy food, chewing of pan masalas, consumption of tea and coffee, colas, dark colored foods etc leaves a yellowish or reddish color layer on your teeth.

How much the teeth whiten after bleach?

To tell you the truth, normally after the bleaching process our teeth whiten one grade more than what usually it is.

How many types of bleaches are there?

Bleaches are of two types. Home and office bleaches are very well known. Home bleach is done at home as described by a dentist. Besides, there are several home whitening systems available whereas office bleach is done methodically by a dentist.

How bleaching is done?

Home bleaching is done by the advice and guidance of a dentist at home. There is a process which needs to be followed while doing it at home by yourself. The period of home bleach range around for seven days. First one needs to apply a mixture to the teeth and cover it with a plastic for 24 hours or one day.

Office bleaching is done at clinics. Here the dentist does the bleach for around three to five days. According to the nature of the teeth it may take around it may take half an hour to one hour per session every day.

All teeth whitening procedure use hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient because it is very useful and safe for whitening of teeth. It also does not have any side effects and it very safe and leaves the enamel unharmed. The percentage of hydrogen peroxide differs between home bleaching and office bleaching. Typically, office bleaching or bleaching done by dentists requires the usage of more amount of hydrogen peroxide whereas bleaching done at home needs very less amount of hydrogen peroxide. Another difference between the two procedure is that the office bleach takes only one treatment to whiten the teeth whereas home bleaching takes a bit longer to whiten the teeth.

Which one is better?

The office bleaching is better because in home bleaching if the mixture is not appropriate then it effects the gum very badly. Besides, white spots could develop on the gums. Hence, as far as the safety of the gums are concerned office bleach is the best option to opt for.

Can bleaching be done of my child''s teeth?

It is better to avoid bleaching a child''s teeth. This is so because the nerves of a child''s gum is very close to the teeth. A child''s gum is also very narrow and small therefore there is the possibility of a damage on the gums of your child. If bleaching is to be done on your child''s teeth then skilling should be done first.

What is skilling?

Before bleaching the unnecessary spots are removed from the teeth with the help of machine. This process is known as skilling. If bleaching is done after the process of skilling it helps in whitening the teeth more.

How frequent skilling is done?

As far as adults are concerned skilling needs to be done after six to eight months. Sometimes, after skilling it has been found out that the gums bleed. Therefore, it is recommended that after the gap of 24 hours or I day of skilling, bleaching should be done.

Things to remember

*. If you are undergoing through the process of home bleaching and you feel thirsty then avoid drinking water directly. Take a straw to do so.

*. Bleaching is a temporary method to whiten your teeth. For a healthy teeth brush your teeth after every meal.

*. You need to avoid junk and spicy food, pan masalas, smoking, drinking, tobaccos etc.

How to keep whitened teeth last longer?

This is known as after care. With proper after care you will be able to keep you teeth whiter for a longer period of time for several years. You need to follow some easy ways as is mentioned below:

*. Avoid black diets like colas, alcohol, red wine and take white and simple foods like grape juices, boiled and less spicy foods etc

*. Use white tooth paste instead of colored ones like red and brown pastes.

When to avoid teeth bleaching?

If you are pregnant or nursing your baby it is recommended not to go for teeth bleaching. Till now there has not been any researches done in this regard if teeth bleaching is going to harm pregnant or to be mothers or nursing mothers. Hence, as a precaution one needs to avoid going for teeth bleaching when one is pregnant or nursing.

Is bleaching safe?

Till now there has not been any cases registered about damage of teeth and gums after bleaching. This is so because in most of the cases bleaching is done with less than ten percent of bleaching solution which hardly cause any damage to the structure of teeth. Hence, bleaching is safe and neither does it damage the teeth nor does its structure.


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