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Alternate energy sources - Solar power and it's benefits

May 08, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Environment  Earning $0.10   Views: 805

Non renewable fuels harm the environment and damage the Earth. Renewable energy sources like solar power is not only cost saving in the long run but also environment friendly. The benefits of using solar power are detailed below.


The rising prices of fuel are leading many people to think about using alternate sources of energy. The most popular alternate energy sources are solar, wind and bio fuels. Wind energy is difficult to set up and can be done only with the help of government or private enterprises. Bio fuels are not accessible to those who live in cities. That leaves solar power which is not only accessible but also budget friendly.

Solar energy is free because it comes directly from the sun. The only cost involved is the installation of the device. Solar energy can be utilized for many purposes like cooking, recharging and providing power to many devices. There are immovable and portable types of solar energy devices. Portable devices are easy to handle and come handy in emergencies. Many people love to camp o take shot trips alone. Solar power chargers help to recharge batteries, heat water, act as a cooking panel and power torches. It is always better to rely on solar chargers when traveling to remote places or destinations.

The efficiency of solar power panels have been proved through the years. It is reliable, trustworthy, has low maintenance costs and does not pollute the environment. Pollution from fuel burning is one of the largest threats the Earth is facing. Solar power does not harm the environment in any way. It does not emit harmful gases or by products into the air. It is also easy to handle and operate.

People living in areas with low sunlight may not benefit from solar power though. They may have to make use of bio fuels or wind energy. Wind energy is becoming popular and governments throughout the world are trying to harness this form of renewable energy. Bio fuels like bio gas, dry grass fuel and others are also being used in a move to popularize alternate energy fuels and help save the Earth.

Image sources: wikipedia. Images are that of solar panel and bio gas.


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