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Apple remains the world's largest tech company

May 29, 2010  by: Rahul  Points: 25   Category: World News  Earning $0.35   Views: 1365

In 2010 Apple remains the world's largest tech company. Lets see some figure and facts about it.


Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer came on Thursday when the 44 degrees of Delhi
Tion they encountered in humid heat, but look amazing discounts that were not heat their sweat seemed shady but expect them to. On Thursday came news from the U.S. for the first time someone has the largest technology company, topple Microsoft, Apple for the first time since the stock market More Services Microsoft's market cap was over and he became the number one tech company. Apple was the size of the U.S. stock market Nasdaq 222 billion dollars, while Microsoft's 219.

Steve Balmer said the stock market ups - and downs of matter, with the daily weight is weighed. I am satisfied occurs when 94 100 people let Windows computers when Ckasbugkas sells. That said, combat is long, our Kanpatieatar are good, but we do no less. His has a point. Apple is still ahead of Microsoft in sales and profits. Truth is that never before had such a tough competition.

Balmer crown law to protect - are trying to learn, Windows 7, Office 2010, Windows 7 call, the Microsoft X-Box project Natle given the pitch, but the future is to remain in the biggest battle in cloud computing.

Them in this new field are high hopes from India, China than. That's why the China bashing that leave nothing to chance, in case of copyright over the years that country has to Dragon. In Delhi, he said, copyright is in very bad condition, China, India is doing better. A week ago he said in Singapore that China is not down, is very very very low. Like us better prospects in countries like India and Indonesia are seen.

Microsoft has launched its cloud computing platform and Balmer Ateor software engineers hope that the country will create an army of Ateor Prafeshnals for which Google and other new companies on the back he will stagger Challenge. With Balmer and NIIT team of Indian Institute of Science was also, according to the Ateor are engineered to prepare. Jinov global consultancy firm in India next five years so that Cloud computing will come to 5 million jobs.

After the horrific failure of Microsoft's Windows XP -7 perform the best have failed so far remained on the Windows Mobile. New version called Windows 7 until Christmas to come. Google is far behind compared to Microsoft's search engine Bing. IPod music player next to him came in ZUNE already has been battered. X Box Play Station No. Nice try, but is is. Steve Balmer had never before to challenge it.

Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 10/11/2012    Points:2    

I agree that Apple is world''s largest tech company in terms of market share. But we can not predict the status of Apple in the near future. Other mobile and tablet companies are inventing new gadgets every day with affordable prices. So Apple has to rethink over its technology and innovation.

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