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7 Laws of Friendship and Relationship You Must Know!

May 12, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 789

You shouldn’t be judgmental about your friend at all because friends are the only people whom we can share our sorrows, happiness, and the mistakes we did in the past with honestly.


Man is social a animal. He can’t live alone. So when we enter the world we already have our ready-made relations, but Friendship is a unique opportunity given by God Himself to us to select our twin soul to be with always. Friendship is like a spiritual love. Spouse is also another form of a friend. The biggest benefit of friendship is that it can be induced into any relationship to make that relation purer. So following are the 7 Laws of Friendship and Relationship You Must Know in order to maintain it forever.

Have Trust and be Trustworthy

This is the very first law of any successful relationship or of friendship, that you should have trust in your friend from all perspectives. If you have any doubt, just clear that by conversing it to your friend instantly. Don’t let the third person interfere with your friendship. Believe in what your friend says not in others.
Proper Sharing is Essential

Everyone needs to release his/her pant up emotions, stress and tensions. The sharing between two friends should be balanced. Sometimes you don’t share your problem thinking that it would annoy your friend and just keep listening to him/her only out of love but this may have an adverse effect on your friend as he/she may feel low or weak because you don’t think him/her to be able to help you in any way.

Love and Respect for Each Other

Someone has said, ‘We Pardon as Long as We Love’. Meaning, we keep forgiving a person easily as far as we love that person. So if two friends love each other, they should let go every dispute between them. You should be respectful for your friend in public as well as in privacy. If you really love and respect your friend then definitely you will also be loved &respected.

Be Caring and Helpful

‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’.

A true friend is always there for you when you need. You should be devoted to your friend emotionally, materially and financially. Even if you can’t afford to help your friend with money in need still you can take care of his/her emotional need to be fulfilled to encourage him/her to be strong enough to face the situation bravely. While giving also you should respect the other person’s self respect, just as Krishna helped Sudama with everything but without hurting his self respect, despite being the king of Dwarika.

Keep aside your EGO

How can EGO reside in a heart where Love is already there! Nowadays, Ego is the main problem people face in any relationship. Ego swallows Love as if there hasn’t been any existence of Love before. So this is one of the 7 Laws of Friendship and Relationship you must know that don’t feel shy in confessing and asking from your friend to forgive you for hurting him/her in anyway.

Don’t be Possessive

Last but not the least, one of the 7 Laws of Friendship and Relationship You Must Know, is that never ever be possessive about your friend. Friendship is the second name of Freedom. If you stop your friend from making other friends or doing anything which you don’t like him/her to do then that is not a true friendship. This way you would be getting away from your twin soul. Nobody likes to be controlled by anyone.
No place for Judgment

You shouldn’t be judgmental about your friend at all because friends are the only people whom we can share our sorrows, happiness, and the mistakes we did in the past with honestly. Your friend won’t be able to share each and everything truthfully if you don’t provide him/her comfort and faith. On the other hand a good friend is a good guide at the time of need.

You can have a healthy relationship forever if you follow these simple 7laws from bottom of your heart. This is the golden rule of nature that it is in giving that you receive!


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