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How to lead a happy life with your partner?

May 12, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1400

This article gives complete information on how to lead a happy life with your partner. Certain important things like sharing and caring, discussing about love, spicing up ons life and spending quality time with partners are discussed in this article. Finally, certain important things that one should keep in ones mind to lead a happy life with his/her partner is given in the article.


Spend quality time

To keep your relationship healthy and to maintain it for a long time you need to spend quality time with your partner. Time would not permit you to do it very often as you would be busy with your regular work which costs most of your time and energy. But you can make modifications and adjustments with your time and take out some quality time for your partner. You need to make full use of those limited time available so that it brings cheers and happiness both for you and your partner.

Share and care

There is a valuable phrase in English, that is, share and care. If you follow it closely in your life it will help you to develop and pursue a better relationship with others. Your first and primary objective should be to share whatever you feel like with your partner . The more you share your feelings, views, thoughts and ideas with your love the bonding becomes that much stronger in the long run. In fact, share and care are interrelated terms. When your share your feelings and thoughts with others they in turn shower their care on you. This also helps in understanding each other very well. This has been the foundation of many of the relationships in the past. I am sure that even now this phrase has not lost its charm and you can utilize it in the best possible way in your life too.

Try to bring smile and cheer

Did you ever given a fig of thought on how you like to see your partner? Or, perhaps, how you love to see your partner? I think this question has got only one answer, that is, smiling and cheerful. According to psychologists, those who spend some valuable time with their partner regularly are the happiest among the lot. They try to keep the different loopholes of their busy life aside when it matters the most. Survey stats reveal the fact that around 90 percent of a womans mood depends on the sense of humor of their male partners. Same rule applies for the males also because men also desires for women with good sense of humor and intelligence. Hence, you need to use this tool or weapon from time to time to raise the barometer of your love and to bring in that charm which often misses in a relationship. Besides, there may be some problems and spats in between lovers or partners. It is now, here, that the role of a lover or a partner becomes crucial because one of them need to come forward and settle and fix the problems with a cool mind. One should avoid thinking, “Why should I always try to settle matters?” etc and etc. At least, one of the partners or lovers should try to forgive and forget about the bad moments in the past and take the courage to fix things. Once you try to work out things and leave ego behind, you will soon find that how foolish you were to think about those differences which itself does not have any meaning and relevance in your life.

Discuss love

In our society, discussing anything regarding sex is not well taken. Now, if a woman tries to speak about the same, guess what? God bless!!! Therefore, husband and wives often stay away from discussing the same which sometimes acts like obstacles to a healthy and a happy life. Therefore, it is important to discuss love with your partner like any other day to day problems if you have any problem with it. According to experts, the problems between partners arise because sometimes they have some misconceptions about love. Sometimes, one thinks love is only to get forgetting about the fact that it also means to share, sacrifice and to give. Therefore, one needs to be careful about what his/her partner likes or dislikes. This could only be achievable only through timely and periodic discussions.

Add spice to your life

Variety is the spice of life , rightly so! Because living your life regularly as it is make you feel dull and boring in the long run. Hence, spice up your life and your partner with warmth, brightness and pleasant surprises from time to time. You can start with it in a small but effective way also. For instance, suppose you have been out with your partner in a mall for shopping. On the spur of the moment, hold his/her hands in the open and whisper those three magical little words of love, I love you, in his/her ears. You will be glad to find out that these three letters will bring in a charm in your relationship. Similar to this one, you can try other ideas. Lets go through another example. You may have been served regularly with a bed tea by your partner. Just for a change, wake up early one day and do the same yourself and serve your partner with a good morning tea. Just imagine, if you day starts like this then surely you will spend the day in a good spirit.

For any relationship to work for a long time one also needs to do a bit of sacrifice here and there. You need to be keen enough to value your relationship the most. Of course, I agree that one cannot bring the stars and moon from the sky but one can do some other small things which are in ones reach or limit to bring in a flow of fresh breeze into ones relationship. You can be a slight innovative and act differently to bring in the necessary change in your much valued relationship. For instance, you can prepare a dish yourself one day for your partner. I agree that you may not be that comfortable with cooking but you can give it a try. With the help of internet you can get a suitable recipe for a dish which you can cook. May be, it won&t be as tasty to the taste buds but it will surely do a whole lot of good to your relationship.

Sometimes lie for a good cause

To tell you the truth, sometimes it becomes necessary to lie in love. I am speaking about the white lies which does not do any harm to others. In fact, it would help to tighten your relationship. For instance, if your partner dresses in his/her best dress for an occasion or a party, go on your way and praise him/her that he/she looks very cool on that particular dress.

Things to remember

*. Never be negative in life and try to be as positive as possible.

*. Try to solve problems yourself or take the help of experts but never lose hope.

*. Give priority to your passions and keep it alive.

*. Go for an outing together from time to time.

*. Do a candle light dinner twice in a month. You can do that in the dinning room of your house also.

*. Respect and love your relationship.

*. Do not cut-off happiness from your life. Use your sense of humor very often.

*. Laugh and hug each other. These touches could change your life and bind your relationship into a strong bond. This is known as touch therapy .


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