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How to remove stretch marks naturally?

May 14, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.55   Views: 1023

Stretch marks mask the beauty of a person and appear jarring. There are natural methods to remove stretch marks. A proper diet, exercise, drinking water and other natural remedies are provided in this article which explains how to remove stretch marks permanently


Stretch marks are a common problem and mainly affect women after pregnancy period. However those who grow rapidly or gain weight also get stretch marks. Stretch marks after pregnancy does look odd and prevents a woman from wearing the clothes she likes. Intake of medicines for curing stretch marks after pregnancy is not desirable if the mother is lactating. Crams containing chemicals also should not be used. There are natural cures which will help remove the stretch marks. Natural cures are preferable because they do not cause side effects. Age old grandma remedies still hold true and it is best to follow it. Some of the common natural cures are listed below.

• Drink water
Water is the most natural ingredient that can cure stretch marks. The body needs moisture for healthy skin. Drinking water removes dryness and keeps the skin lubricated.

• Oil massage
The body can be massaged with a single oil or mixture of oils. The oils that are commonly used are olive oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E oil, sweet almond, lavender oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and coconut oil. Oils help to lubricate the skin and reduce the darkness of the marks to a great extent. The oils should be applied evenly over the skin and rubbed in a circular motion. This should be done regularly to have lasting effect. Applying heat with the help of hot towels or pouring hot water after the massage is also good.

• Exercise
The body has to be kept fit and in shape. The loose muscles have to be toned in order to remove the stretch marks that are visible. Exercise is the best way to firm loose muscles. Exercises should be done after consulting the doctor. Yoga is also good for new moms. The exercises should be discontinued if any symptoms like headache, bleeding or pain appear.

• Proper nutrition
The new mother will need all the extra nutrients. Eating food that is rich in Zinc, vitamin A, proteins, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin E will help to reduce the intensity of the stretch mark and also ensure health. Vitamins help to repair tissues and also build new ones. The stretch marks will dim or disappear if a rich diet is followed. Seeds, nuts, citrus fruits, eggs, green leafy vegetables, dairy foods, tomatoes and live are examples of such good foods.

• Onions
Onions are the latest craze in stretch marks cure. Onions contain antioxidants like flavonoids which help to reduce inflammation. The skin will be lubricated. There are no side effects.

• Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter is an age old remedy for curing stretch marks. The butter tones the skin, firms the muscles and helps the skin to remain hydrated. The enzymes that are present in the butter prevent tissue damage. It should be applied regularly to have effect.

• Aloe Vera
The pulp of Aloe Vera can be massaged on the skin. The tissues that are damaged will be removed. The skin will be made firm.

There are other methods like rubbing sea salt, applying the oil from vitamin E capsules and rubbing passion fruit pulp. The stretch marks will be reduced to a great extent. The skin will become soft also.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 05/14/2012    Points:2    

I myself have written many articles on health those also included removing the stretch marks. So I am aware of these tips which I read above. It was nice reading the same things in other words.
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 05/15/2012    Points:1    

Thanks dear, I think this site is far better, they know how to value writers

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