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Practical Health Tips For Rainy Days

May 14, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 1548

When storm clouds gather with the wind and the rain playing through your hair and entire being , it is bonding time with nature and calls for a celebration, so make the most of the rainy season by taking some preventive measures


Summer is already at its peak , which is also an indication that good things are about to follow. The monsoon season which comes to provide the much needed relief after the intense summer heat , will be setting in , in a matter of few days bringing with it cheer and joy in the beginning , later dampness ,a host of germs and disease .

So , one has to plan ahead and take appropriate measures to make it a healthy and fun time for the entire family.In fact, when storm clouds gather with the wind and the rain playing through your hair and entire being , it is bonding time with nature and calls for a celebration, so make the most of the rainy season by taking some preventive measures ..

Here are some useful and practical Health Tips that can keep you and your family protected

1, Kitchen Hygien

Be very particular about Kitchen hygien since the root cause of most of the ailments originate from here.Make sure that all surfaces are clean and dry , so that all creepy crawlers and germs are kept away.Use any branded cleaning liquid for wiping the surface followed by clear water , at least twice a day. Kitchen should be thoroughly cleaned and all unwanted food and kitchen waste should be properly secured or out away before you retire for the night.

2, Bathrooms should be kept sanitised

One should keep bathrooms clean all the time especially when it is being used by several members of the family.Many households manage with one bathroom only and it is imperative that it should be cleaned as often as possible.Make sure that you wash your hands each time after you visit the toilet , since this is the main cause of spreading water borne diseases. It is advisable to clean the entire bathroom with diluted antiseptic liquid like dettol at least once a day.

3, Check your water source

It is important that you be sure of your water source and if there is even the slightest of doubt , boil the water and then store it in bottles for drinking purpose. Never drink regular water at a restaurant since you are not sure about the source. Make sure that your children carry water bottles with them and do not drink water at school unless they are provided with clean hygenic drinking water.If you do not have a water filter at home, make sure that the water is boiled for at least 5 minutes, after it is cooled to room temperature and then only bottled and refrigerated if wanted.

4, Fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly cleaned

Ideally, fruits and vegetables should be peeled or cooked as the case may be.In fact, it is advisable not to consume salads and other raw food outside your home unless you are sure that it has been put together with a lot of care and is freshly prepared. While preparing food for the family make sure that you keep your hands clean and once the dish is ready, keep it covered until meal time.The leftovers should be neatly packed and put away in the refrigerator immediately .

5,Keep Mosquitos and House flies at bay.

The humidity and water logging provides an ideal breeding ground for Mosquitoes and other germs, so take some preventive measures. Never keep food lying around since it attracts flies and other insects which can cause diseases that effect the digestive system like Gastroenteritis and Diarrhoea. Once any member of your family develops symptoms of either Diarrhoea or Gastroenteritis , with stomach ache, vomiting,loose motions,fever etc immediately rehydrate lost fluids by giving the person boiled water to which salt and suagr has been added.This is very important and helps in recovery.Then of course consult the doctor immediately.

While water borne diseases are rampant during rainy season, so are diseases spread by Mosquitoes. One has to make sure that there is no stagnant water around .It is not easy to keep mosquitoes completely away.Instead make sure that you use repellants that are environmental friendly like neem oil in water kept around the house, or Eucolyptus oil - a few drops can be put in water in a bowl and kept at strategic places. Using Mosquito nets is also advisable .It is also a good idea to get nets installed on your windows if you live in a mosquito prone area.

Normally Dengue carrying Mosquitos spread the disease during the day while the Malaria carrying Mosquitos are active during evening . So protect yourself if you are going out to the garden where there is a lot of greenery by applying a Mosquito repellent cream.
If you develop the symptoms of either Malaria or Dengue , which include Fever, chills, headache,joint pain ,nausea,vomitting,fatigue etc , make sure that you consult a doctor immediately and get a blood test done and take proper medication and diet.

6, Skin Ailments

Fungal infections and itchings are very common skin ailments that many people suffer from during rainy season.This happens due to dampness , which later results in allergy in certain parts of your body like between the toes ,underarms, private parts, inner thigh area , behind your neck,ears etc. Make sure that you don't wear wet shoes and socks for a long period of time.In fact,it is better to wear foot wear that is open toed and waterproof if you are planning to step out in the rain. Dry yourself completely after bath making sure that you dry tricky areas like behind your ears ,between toes etc; Don't wear damp clothes, and this can be avoided by keeping a set of dry clothes at your work spot which you can change into if you get wet on your way to your office or school.Children should make it a practice to wear rain coats or carry umbrellas .

7, Itching and Skin Rashes

If you are prone to itching and plagued by skin rashes during rainy season or even during summer heat make sure that you wear loose cotton or linen clothing and change your underwear often.Using a good antibacterial talcum powder all over your body especially taking care to use a generous amount under your arms and private parts after your bath also helps in keeping you dry and secure , also help in keeping germs away.


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