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Silent Attack of Terrorism on Families

May 14, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 733

Every year, the International Day of Family comes and goes on 15th May. But it is a sad fact that year by year the condition of families is going down. Several forces in the modern society are targeting at disintegrating families. The instability of modern families shows that the basic structure of society is in great danger.


International Day of Family is observed all over the world on 15 May every year. It highlights the importance of a family as the basic structure of the social development. The day reminds the whole world the necessity of strengthening the inherent values of families.

Family is the nucleus of society where every individual is shaped in personality and other in traits that build up a society. If family life is disintegrated, the whole humanity will collapse.

Silent terrorist attack on familes

A silent terrorist virus is attacking family life in the modern world of which most of the people are not yet aware. Profit motivation of selfishness, activated through commercialism and consumerism, is attacking every society. Most dangerous weapons of negative influence are activated through the media, targeting at corroding the families.

Just think of the influence of modern electronic media, television, newspapers, films, Internet, etc. sowing deadly seeds of decay all over the world. These weapons of indirect terrorism silently attack every society in the guise of entertainment. Why do they give importance to violence and sex in providing entertainments? Even most of the cartoon films, which are meant to be an important means of entertainment for children, are now depicting violence of the most horrendous kind. Do they not induce violence in these tender minds, stimulating them to grow up in violence? Do they not affect families by diverting them from their responsibilities? If the growing generation is perverted, how can you expect a healthy society? Is it not a silent attack of terrorism on family life?

Importance of family in a society

Everyone accepts that family is the nucleus form of society. The destiny of humanity is shaped only in the families. If the families lose their soul or life, how can we expect a lively society?

What has happened to the family life today? What will be the result of all the social diseases that have affected family life today? Why are divorces increasing at an alarming level? What kind of families can be built up through abnormal marriages? People today want to avoid the responsibilities of family life. They prefer sex rather than having children. Married life in a family seems to be a burden to many. The biological, emotional and economic needs of a family are neglected in the easy going life of modernism.

International Day of Family

Let this year’s International Day of Family open our eyes to see the dangers of silent terrorism targeting at families. Selfishness to gain quick money is the motivation behind this terrorism. Let the world wake up to safeguard life and live peacefully.


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