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How to teach children to be more humane? - a short study in human values

May 16, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 991

Education in human values is necessary to teach children to become more loving and caring. Respecting elders is a vanishing quality these days and must be taught to children in modern society. How to teach children to become more respectful of others is taught here.


What is education in human values? Why it is that, children in the modern world do not express humanitarian concerns and behave selfishly? Is it because they are not taught human values or do they not imbibe it from their elders? The serious lack of human values is slowly degrading the foundations of society in general. What can be done to prevent this and improve the character of children who are the future of tomorrow?

1. Practice before you preach
We cannot blame children for everything because they behave as they are taught. Children learn from the behavior of adults. They reflect their upbringing. So, if their parents behave improperly, they also tend to do so. It is better to improve one’s own behavior before trying to improve others. Practicing is better than preaching.

2. Develop selfless attitudes
Selfishness is the main cause of degradation. If every member in the society becomes selfish, then there will no love left. The progress of the society depends on the sacrifice of many individuals who work for the betterment of it. So, students should be taught to be selfless, that is they should learn to love their fellow beings who deserve better.

3. Respect is the key to popularity
Respecting fellow human beings and other species is necessary to become popular in society. Many people wonder about how to become popular. The secret to this lies in respecting others and treating others with humaneness. A person who respects others and behaves like a gentleman will be treated with awe and respect. He or she will be referred to with dignity and become popular also. One need not spend money or be rich enough to buy popularity. The rich and famous often become popular for the wrong reasons and such people’s popularity does not last long. So, good behavior is essential to gain popularity and respect. Respecting the partner can also save a divorce.

An epitome of love and sacrifice

4. Love others as you love yourself
Love is the most talked about word in the world. People often misuse the word. They do not know the real meaning of unselfish love. Love that is true will be pure as water, clear as air – well the air that is not polluted, that is, shine like a diamond and withstand pressures like gold. Gold undergoes many painful processes to become an ornament, likewise pure love also goes through many tests in life to emerge victorious. Loving yourself is natural, that is why people fulfill desires to calm the mind. Loving others equally will help to expand the mind and envelop the world. Such a person will not behave cruelly towards humans or animals.

Image source: wikimedia commons


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