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Shed a Couple Of Kilos Easily - Weight loss

May 16, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 929

With the right diet,some simple moves and life style changes one can easily deflate those bulges and rolls.


According to a survey conducted across the country where 45,000 women were asked , which body part they would like to change the most - 40% chose their stomachs. This outnumbered hips and thighs ( 23%) and breasts ( 17%) and bottom ( 7%). One can understand this since all it takes is a couple of tummy roles to make you feel and look older and fat. According to studies , Belly fat makes a harmone ( Neuropeptide Y ) that not only creates more fat, but also may make you hungrier, which, of course, can lead to even more belly fat, plus you get insulin resistant. So one should take matters into hand right at the beginning, when your body begins to show the extra bulges .

With the right diet,some simple moves and life style changes one can easily deflate those bulges and rolls.

One has to keep in mind the following factors - All women dont lose weight in the same manner.Some women lose weight from top to down starting from face down to the chest area and , then belly,hips and so on..So once you decide to lose weight, you need to have patience since weight loss is never all over the body at the same time.Your basic shape wont change, you just become leaner . Where you lose fat depends on your genetic make-up and the distribution of muscles ,fat and water in your body. Losing fat will definitely benefit your health.The extra fat that we lug around , swings our arms,cushions our eyelids,cradles our lungs and so on and generally brings down our efficiency and energy levels.

Mind Control

It is very important to pay attention to every single detail related to our life style when we decide to lose weight .Eat less,Exercise more and drop a size is not all that easy.However, once you are mentally convinced and determined that losing weight has immense benefits for your health, you have won half the battle.

Question Yourself

According to many studies conducted on people trying to lose weight, it was proved that those who were mentally convinced, would go one step further and begin asking questions to themselves regarding food .By asking yourself questions like " Am I really hungry? or " Am I enjoying this ? ", you will learn to value quality over quantity .Not only will this help you control those extra calories but also feel less stressed while cutting back on your intake.

Ideal Food for a Flat Tummy and a Great Body !

Concentrate on whole grains - favoring multi grains by combining stuff like Ragi, Rice, Bran, Millet,Oats etc. According to experts , the soluble fiber in these grains slows down the entry of sugars and fats into our bloodstream. Obese adults who ate a diet rich in whole grains for 8 weeks lost more ab fat than those who ate refined grains.

The more water rich food you eat the better for your system - Food items like Tomatoes, Cucumber,Squashes,Oranges,Grapes, Melons,Lettuce - the variety is endless and the benefits too...Calories are low in these food items and you feel fuller .Just drinking beverages don''t help you when you try to lose weight. You need to eat well but eat the right kind of food stuff that keeps you satiated without adding extra calories to your system.

Antioxidants - Found in many Red and Purple fruits and vegetables like Cabbage, Brinjal,Grapes,Blueberries, Tomatoes etc; When we combine these food stuffs along with our other regular diet the chances are that, they help you lose weight in a steady manner.

Green Tea - There is of course a lot being written about Green Tea and its health benefits. According to studies conducted in Japan, Taiwan and elsewhere in asia, dieticians are convinced that Green tea combined with whole grains, water rich food and exercise helps one lose much more weight than those who did not consume Green Tea. So, Green Tea does have benefits as far as losing weight is concerned besides other health benefits as well.

Ease Stress to lose Fat -

According to experts , those who are chronically pressurised tend to have high level stress hormones which leads to fat storage since they tend to overeat .Some timely actions and remedies can take care of this .

First of all stop negative thoughts - Stop negative thoughts from spiralling out of control since one can never completely stop them. Instead try to focus on solutions , so that you can respond productively the next time a stressful event hits . It could be anything like an impatient boss,standing in a long Que,missed bus or a delay in receiving your monthly payment into your bank account.

Yoga or meditation is something that most adults should consider - A sensible diet combined with Yoga or meditation on a regular basis , lowers blood pressure besides improving the insulin response .Hatha Yoga also helps one lose weight around the waist .

Work on your love life and marriage - Most people with troubled and unhappy marriages are three times more likely to develop metabolic syndrome and have more belly fat than those who have a satisfying love life. Taking proper measures like counselling and a frank introspection can work wonders in making your relationships work and thrive.

Easy Does It

Any cardiovascular activity like walking,jogging, biking, swimming will help you burn fat.Even a low intensity workout helps - walking or doing a moderate to low intensity workout for 35-40 minutes five days a week will definitely help. As to how intense the workout need to be - You should be able to talk without going out of breath.

Diet is not required to lose weight instead what is essential is eating a sensible diet combined with the above activities . You will be able to see results in as little as 15 days , provided you keep at it.

What Numbers Really mean-

Numbers play a lot of importance in weight watching.
For women, A waist measuring 80 cms or more signals a higher risk for health problems such as heart disease and diabetes .For every centimeter of extra padding that you have , your risk of cardio vascular disease goes up by 10 percent .

Whereas for men , the danger point is 90 centimeter .
For children there are no standards but if a childs waist is more than half his/her height then there is need for concern, more so since it can become a habit in later adult years.

Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 05/19/2012    Points:1    

wow, you article is an inspiration indeed. I will tweet it.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 05/19/2012    Points:2    

The best point I felt in the entire was that of mind control. It all depends on how we control our mind. And yes water has been a great therapy. I have written these points in my article at times as well.

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