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Five ways to discipline children - How to approach children

May 17, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 993

Kids are becoming more disobedient these days. Spanking is not the only solution. Kids have to be disciplined in the right way so that they do not become rebellious or weak.


1. Spanking is not necessary
Beating children is a crime. Even if you want to spank a child, it should be done only if the situation requires it that much. Spanking children will make them more hostile and afraid. Some children may become rebellious but others may withdraw from the real world. So, a parent or elder must consider the situation before taking action. Discipline is essential but it should not involve severe physical punishment. Strong words are enough to warn the child.

2. Withdraw special treats
A good form of disciplining the kid is to withdraw special treats or benefits like pocket money and favorite snacks. Children will learn from such punishments and will not repeat mistakes. Snacks and pocket money are prized possessions for children, so if it is not given, they will learn the value of good behavior once and for all.

3. Introduce rigid timetables
Discipline is the wealth of growing children. Children have to be trained well in order to grow into responsible adults. Kids have to be taught to follow strict timetable or daily routine so that they learn the value of time. Getting up early and doing one’s own work is very essential. The parents should not do the work for kids because then they will become incapable of doing it on their own.

4. Know the child
One can discipline a child only if you spend more time with him or her. Many children exhibit attention deficit disorder symptoms only because they do not get any attention from their parents or guardians. Some children become hyperactive while others are very slow and retarding. As kids grow up, they also tend to harm others physically. Teenage tantrums are an example of such behavior. Spending more time with kids will help to guide them and grow into beautiful people who are worthy of the society.

5. Give enough freedom
Let the children bloom. It is not right to control the freedom of children. The growth of kids will be stifled if parents exercise military regime. Fear can cause mistakes and secretive behavior. Children may not disclose secrets and hide facts from adults. So, it is better to consider kids as your friends and treat them with respect. The fact that they are treated as adults will make them feel important and responsible.

Image source: wikipedia

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 05/19/2012    Points:2    

Good points, spanking or any kind of physical punishment is never a solution, in fact, it can lead to other far more complicated issues at a later stage in life.It also makes children accept physical punishment which also can go on to become violent behavior as an acceptable norm of society...
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 05/19/2012        

thanks Usha ji, you are right.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 05/19/2012    Points:2    

Parenting is indeed a difficult job these days. Making the kids behave the way you want them to, is getting difficult with each passing day. I am also going to be a first time father soon. Let me see how things shape up.
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 05/19/2012    Points:1    

Nice to heart that , all the best. raining children from a young age is better.
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 05/20/2012    Points:15    

Dear Deepa, you have mentioned some very nice points. It seems to me that most parents know about them but somehow do not follow these points. I do not have children of my own but i see parents handling their children and sometimes wonder why they have to treat their child this way? I remember once i was in a family get together and there were lot of children. Now ofcourse when so many children are together then there has to be a lot of noise and hullah hoo.

Parents were always trying to make their children behave. I saw one mother looking at her child from the corner of her eyes. She made eye to eye contact with the child and in a very threatning manner conveyed the message to not do what he was doing. another mother told her daughter that if she will not stop playing in the sand she will tell her father and then the girl will recieve a royal thrashing. In another funny incident I saw two children fighting and then their mothers came to stop that. though they were successful in stopping the children to fight, but got indulged in a slight exchange of words over the entire situation. I wondered who was the child. To me it seems when people get together they try to compete with each other to show who the best parents are as if they are going to win a trophy. They want to set good examples in front of their children but many of the times fail to do so.

Spanking is horrible however in extreme cases perhaps it is important. I guess there are other ways to make a child understand the message parents want to convey. Spanking gives rise to fear and like Ushaji said it will create more complicated issues in later life. It teaches the child to accept physical violence as a solution to problems and then later use it in future situations. It also has a negative effect on the child''s personality. Studies reveal that children who were exposed to violence from very early life they mostly have learning problems, are insecure, criminally oriented and also have problems in expressing themselves.
I agree with all the above mentioned points/tips to discipline children. But I would also like to know do we also have tips to disciline parents too?
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 05/20/2012    Points:3    

yes, sarika ji, your points are very good and reflect your observing power. parents also should be disciplined otherwise they cannot raise good children. Some parents bat their children in public if someone points out the kid''s fault. that is very wrong indeed. This sometimes occurs in the house also. The parents also should be good enough. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

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