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Where Health is concerned - Prevention is better than Cure !

May 19, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 906

Prevention means the process of anticipating something by holding it back.In the medical sense, this means stopping something - be it a pre defined medical condition, an irritant or a stressful situation .


Living a healthy,long life needs more than following a list of things to do or things to avoid. We spend all our life denying ourselves this and that with the hope that we are helping our system. However, whether what we are doing is the right thing ,is something that we need to carefully analyse.

Prevention means the process of anticipating something by holding it back.In the medical sense, this means stopping something - be it a pre defined medical condition, an irritant or a stressful situation.

According to the Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu " If you want peace you need to prepare for war " . Similarly, we can protect ourselves from sickness only when we take responsibility for strengthening ourselves. The way to prevent chronic diseases or at least lower the risk of getting them , is by keeping certain general principles in mind.

Lowering our risk factors and increasing our functionality

We have to consciously make an effort to lower our risk factors. There are several irritants that can have a long standing effect on our health and general well being. They include things like Excessive Tobacco use, Unhealthy diet, Continued stress levels, continued Alcohol and Drug abuse, lack of Physical exercise...

Over indulgence of any kind is bad for our system and one should also be aware of the fact that , what is considered to be a harmful level of stress can vary from individual to individual. However, over indulgence and abuse can have many negative effects physically, physiologically and psychologically on an individual.
So, without having to sacrifice , one should look for a healthy balance, so that risk factors get reduced and one can lead a lifestyle that is best suited for oneself.

Usage and Function

Increasing our physical functionality goes beyond just reducing the risk factors. In fact, it redefines the very quality and essence of our life. We lose our ability and functionality solely without practice.So, it is very essential in life that we must move and with sustained effort, be able to keep on moving. After the age of 35 or thereabouts remaining functional is a must and can be termed as a healthy survival option.
We should note that health and function are inseperable aspects of remaining physically, mentally and socially engaged in life.So, a healthy body is one that is being used and is working well and so also other parts of our body that perform its dedicated duties in the most functional manner.

Our Biological System

We are lucky that mother nature has endowed us with excessive capacity allowing us to function , even with 60% loss, when there is actually no major problem or deterioration. For example :- One can function without hands,legs or even with a single kidney, one ear,with no eye sight or even half the length of our intestine. It is only when there is a loss of more than 70% of our functionality , that we see symptoms of deterioration of our system and this can become chronic and fatal. When we learn to use this natures gift effectively, our system benefits immensely.

Lack of Function ultimately leads to Death

Increasing our physical strength and activity gives us an extra margin needed to remain healthy and functional even at the age of 90. The extra fitness margin that we accumulate makes all the difference to our system, when it comes to handling any stress or challenge , be it climbing up the stairs ,lifting things,avoiding flu and allergies or simply remaining disease free.
So, prevention involves making efforts to remain as far above the average healthy level as possible.

Prevention through Enhanced Functionality

The main principle of prevention is preserve and enhance functions.This is accomplished by good preventive maintenance, thereby avoiding the trouble and expense of being sick. Good health and the extra margin that was discussed earlier , which was afforded to us by increased fittness due to functionality, trumps illness to a large extent. In fact, our health determines the kind of life we lead - this is true of our socail life, relationships and so on ..Remaining socially engaged in healthy interaction is also an integral part of one's health.

One has to balance out one's life with the society and environment. To remain healthy and whole, it is imperative that we remain physically, spiritually, psychologically and socially engaged , doing things that motivate us and interacting with others.It is also important to keep our minds engaged in a healthy manner by taking up hobbies, voluntary work or anything that interests us and at the same time realises our potential.

Finally to conclude , the choice is ours. Health is not simply the absence of diseases but a state of well being. We must banish health illiteracy and take up the cause of good Health through preventive measures.


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