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How to deal with difficult people in your life?

May 20, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 1079

Are you surrounded by difficult of negative people who makes you feel very sad? Do they interfear with you and your life so much that it disturbs your normal life? If the answers to these questions is yes, then look no further and go through this aticle to find out how to deal with this type of people in your life.



Difficult people are also termed as negative people and they tend to have a slight unusual behavior which is quite different from the general people. I do not mean to say that they are rude in their way or they tend to do unusual things purposely but anyhow their overall behavioral characteristic is quite different in some way or the other. Sometimes, they become very difficult to deal with in the normal course of life. Though there is no well defined definition of difficult people but they are easy to recognize in regular life. We come across them quite often in our day-to-day lives whether we are in our schools, colleges or in offices. They are that kind of people who simply does not like us for no valid reasons. They even do not like our ideas or simply our presence around them.

How to deal with difficult people?

Though it may seem very difficult to deal with these people to start with but with certain measured steps we can finally have a control over them. Let us go through some simple but effective ways to deal with such type of people.

Take time to respond

Difficult people who are around you would try to make things difficult for you. Very often they may even be the first person to start a conversation with you. But the problem is that they very soon give their conversation an ugly turn and make things that much difficult for you. One of the best way to deal with such type of people is to think simply before you speak to them.

Do not share your problems

Since difficult people are negative by nature they remain frustrated with their own failures in life. In fact they find a sense of pleasure when the find other people in problems and distress. You should never share our personal feelings or problems of life with them. Even if you do so they would not give you a proper solution and would be much happier from inside to find you in problems. Sometimes, they even try to set negative thoughts in your mind and if you listen to them and follow their ways you will never be able to recover from your problems. Hence, neither discuss nor share your personal problems with them.

Do not get hurt by their behavior

You may never take their behavior for granted. Sometimes, they may behave with you in a way that there is no other person better than them to be friendly with but within a matter of time they may change and curse you for no reason. Yes, this is a fact and that is why such people are often termed as someone having mental disorder. They may come back very hard on you for even trifle matters. But I would suggest, not to take their frowns seriously and let it go pass without causing you much discomfort. You need to understand that these people are like that only and you cannot change them with your own sole effort. They develop this habit over a period of time and hence you can hardly change anything about it. Of course, you have a better control on yourself and act accordingly.

Avoid their company

Another good way to deal with negative or difficult people is to avoid their company as much as possible. It only take you sometime to identify such people around you and once you identify them keep safe distance from them. At some point of my life, I was also very much affected with this kind of people but with time I got control over it and now I do not take much time to identify such people in my life and manage with them accordingly.

Do not get angry

It is very much on the cards that when you meet these people either in the office or on the road you simply do not like their company. They may speak such words and phrases which would be good enough to ignite your anger. Here, you need to think with your mind and maintain your calm so that you do not get fall under their trap. This is so because the person may have thought and planned to make you angry and lose your mental equilibrium. Besides, they have a good memory too and may even disclose things to others which you once shared mistaking them to be best of friends. Hence, it would be a good idea to be calm in your approach and maintain your cool.

Be polite but to the point

The best way to deal with them is not to make them realize the fact that you simply want to avoid them. You need to be positive in your approach and deal with them politely. You should also try to cut down your discussions short by speaking only to the points of the discussion. In this way you can avoid unnecessary conversations with them and move away from each other after sometime.

Take the challenge

Do not get distracted or lose your way easily with this kind of people because they do not deserve much attention from your side. I have heard about many people in the past shifting from their jobs, colleges and even from their neighborhood because they fear dealing with such kind of people in their life. I would suggest take it as a challenge and move on with your ways. With time and experience you will certainly have a mastery to deal with such kind of people in your life.


In your life you may come across difficult or negative people and you need to deal with them with your own ways. Certainly, these people are just like you and me, and sometimes they do not even realize that the problems they create for others. What we need to do is to deal with them positively and with a cool mind. Gradually, things would become much simpler for you and you will find success dealing with them properly. Life is full of surprises and every moment of life may bring you new challenges . What you require from your part is a strong determination and will power. Never give up or lose hope and enjoy your life to the full, paying less attention to the things which distract you from your normal course of life. I bet you will find yourself much happier if your follow this in your real life.


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