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Best Selling Article Topics

May 21, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.80   Views: 919

We need to keep certain facts in mind while writing and submitting articles. One should bear in mind that the article one writes is interesting and also informative !


We find more and more people writing articles on line as a source of income. It provides a steady and continuous source of income as long as there are people interested in reading your articles ! We need to keep certain facts in mind while writing and submitting articles. One should bear in mind that the article one writes is interesting and also informative without being too boringly descriptive or repetitive. One should select subjects which are popular and are being currently discussed on the net or in the media. People like to read about topics they know about or have heard of. Also, be specific and to the point instead of rambling on about a subject in a round about manner .There should be useful information on the subject you write without being too lengthy. People have no patience to sit through an article that has more than 1000 words.

Some of the most popular article subjects online

One topic that is ever popular is anything related with Making Money online

Topics that discuss online earning potentials and also about sites that help you make money are the most searched links. When you see an article with a title like " How to make money online by writing articles " or " Great earning potential by uploading content " - whether the information is really worthwhile or not, you tend to click and see for yourself, if there is a suitable avenue for you to have some additional income. So ,as long as there is internet and people are earning online there is a demand for articles that give you an insight into the potential for earning online. One should write articles that give useful information about any earning potential online without any false promises .Most online users are by now aware of scams and bogus sites that promise the moon and later leave you shattered .

Health and Beauty Issues

This is a topic that interests everyone since everybody is health as well as Beauty conscious these days and would like to know everything there is to keep themselves fit and looking their best. A well researched honest article on Health or Beauty is a popular topic that has good earning potentials that never goes out of fashion.

Weight loss and Staying Fit

There is not a single person who is not concerned about his or her weight gain at some stage of their life or the other. It is a constant source of worry and concern and one would be interested to know all that is there about the issue to get any possible benefit whether one puts it into practice or not. Staying fit has become very important as more people are now beginning to gravitate more and more towards sedentary lifestyles .There is need to take extra care and measures to remain fit unlike old times when their very life style itself kept people fit , trim and healthy.

Celebrities and Society Gossip

This is another topic that interests most people.Going by the statistics - what Paris Hilton does or does not do has more readers than what is happening in war torn Somalia or about the flood situation in Bengal or something like that . In fact, there are always people interested in what the celebrities do or did, so this is another very popular topic to write about. Here too one can make it interesting , insightful , humane and educative, dealing with some different aspect of an individual rather than writing about gossip and what is normally published about the celebrities.

Money Matters

Money is an essential commodity and we all strive hard all our life to earn and save money. Any article related to money matters which includes not only earning potentials but also personal finance and management of one''s finances is bound to be popular. The only way we can make our money grow is by investing it wisely , so any article relating to the subject will have many viewers. Investing and Finance management is a vast subject that one can do a lot of research on and write insightful articles about.

Home repairs and DIY

With the increasing labor costs one is always looking for ways to cut expenditure and at the same time not sacrifice certain small pleasures in life.One gets a lot of happiness and satisfaction by converting a balcony into a study or by covering an open space and making a portico or a verandah that is enjoyed by the entire family . When you write an article giving useful details as to how one can go about doing DIY jobs around the house, it is not surprising that there are many who would like to read your article and put it into practical use .

Food and Meal Ideas

Food of course is an important and integral part of our life. There is a never ending interest and curiosity about articles based on food, recipes, meal ideas especially quick meal ideas that help us in our fast paced life styles. This is something that remains ever popular and constantly in demand.

Article promoting sites

Promoting articles is an integral part of writing and publishing our articles .Sites like Twitter, Diggs,Google search are nowadays very important in case of social media optimization , also known as SMO. Not many internet users or article writers are net savvy , thereby finding it difficult to understand the technicalities involved. Any article that is easy to understand and implement ,without being too technical will be read by many people and will definitely become popular.


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