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How to deal with disobedient children?

May 23, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 753

It is very disturbing to see disobedient kids who make a scene in public places. Such children should be handled with love and patience in order to reform them. Severe punishments will only worsen the situation.


Disobedient children are a pain in the neck to many parents and guardians. They are often dealt with severe punishments that involve physical punishments. This only aggravates the situation. The kids often turn out to be more aggressive, disobedient, unruly and rebellious. Attitudes are shaped by experiences. Childhood experiences often shape the future of man. Children who have been abused are often introverts and tend to harm the infrastructure of society. These kinds of situations can be changed if parents handle it carefully.

The number one rule is not to give in to blackmail by children. Some children turn away from food and parents give into unreasonable demands thinking that the child will go hungry. This is a sign to children that parents will do anything that they say. The problems start to occur when children demand for things beyond the parent’s means. So, parents should never give in to demands and always assert their superiority. It will be difficult to handle it at first but slowly the situation will come under control.

Children who disobey elders are not liked by anyone. The kids must be made to understand that no one appreciates rude behavior. If they display such behavior, they will not be in the good books of others. So, parents should teach the kids to respect others. They should also try to be a good example to the kids. If parents behave decently, the children will follow suit.

Punishing in public will only serve to worsen the situation. The kids will feel humiliated. So, it is better to make the child understand later than chiding before others. A man to man talk will also make the child feel important. The kid will also appreciate the fact that the parent was kind enough not to scold or punish before others.

There are severe cases where the situation is quite out of control. In such cases it is better to seek the help of a child psychiatrist or counselor. Teenagers who harm parents physically must be dealt with the help of concerned specialists. Handling such situations alone can be harmful to both parent and child.


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