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May 25, 2012  by: Nupur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 768

This article will help common man understand the effects and complications of dehydration. It will spread awareness why proper intake of pure, hygienic water and juices in sufficient amount is important.


Dehydration and its effects

Dehydration can be defined as deficiency of water in the body. In situations like acute diarrhea or burns, vomiting or sweating, loss of body fluid may occur excessively. The water intake is not sufficient to maintain for the loss. Hence a person may suffer from dehydration. In hot summers dehydration often occurs if we are not careful enough to keep re-hydrating ourselves orally.

Dehydration can be categorized as follows :

  • Mild dehydration

  • Eyes are normal, tears are present, mouth is not dry. Person is conscious and feels thirsty. The skin ( of hand ) when pinched up gets normal immediately.

  • Moderate dehydration

  • Eyes are sunken, tears are absent and the mouth is dry. Person is conscious but irritable and restless. The skin when pinched up does not get normal but folds appear and take 2-3 seconds to disappear.

  • Severe dehydration

  • Eyes are sunken, severe dehydration is characterized by dry mouth and tearless eyes, Urine output is also less than normal, this condition is known as oliguria ( urine output is less than 400 ml per day ). The person affected may be semi conscious, in a confused state, dizzy and restless. The skin when pinched up remains in folds and takes more than 2-3 seconds to get normal.

    Complications of dehydration

    1. Heat stroke – This is a condition when the body temperature gets elevated, the condition is called hyperthermia. A person gets restless with high fever. This may be as an outcome of severe dehydration.

    2. Loss of consciousness – This condition may result due to sodium and potassium depletion in the electrolyte of the body.

    3. Hypovolemic shock – This may lead to life threatening condition. The drop of oxygen content in the blood, if not treated appropriately and promptly may result in death.

    4. Coma and death – Severe dehydration may lead to coma and death if not treated in time. Such patients should be hospitalized and emergency treatment should be started immediately.

    How to keep oneself hydrated in summers

    1. Take plenty of water orally ( 1-2 litres). Juices should be taken to reduce stress and keep fresh at home or at the work-place.
    2. Fresh fruits should be taken in hot summers, they contain a lot of vitamins and phytonutrients. They are also good for skin as they prevent cell damage and help the skin to stay radiant at all times.
    3. Citrus fruits like oranges, kiwi, pineapple, etc are rich in vitamin C. Cucumber has high mineral content ( sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium). Water melon is a refreshing fruit apart from the nutritive contents it has.
    4. Mango is the King of fruits and also gives a lot of energy to fight stress out. Celery has high nutritive contents ( Iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium). Coconut water is a very good re-hydrating fluid.
    5. Other fruits like papayas, blue berries, strawberries, peaches and cherries help to maintain the fluid content and hence the electrolyte balance of our body. Some vegetables like carrots and broccoli are very healthy and nutritive.

    How to hydrate a dehydrated person at home

    1. If a person is mildly dehydrated, oral intake of water and fluids like soups and juices, glucose should be increased. Coconut water, rice water, yoghurt should be given. Fruit salads, porridge, deserts can be given. In case there is no nausea or vomiting, normal diet should be given once the person gets stable and comfortable.

    2. Moderately dehydrated persons should be given fluids containing sodium, potassium and glucose. The oral re-hydrating fluid packets/sachets available in the medical stores should be bought. The solution should be prepared in clean hygienic water following the instructions given in the sachets. Once the dehydration is controlled, the fluids should not be stopped it should be continued to be given till the person is comfortable. If the person suffers from loose motion 200-400 ml of the re-hydrating fluid solution should be given after every loose motion. If the person does not recover, help from a medical professional should be taken immediately.

    3. In case of severe dehydration, hospitalization is necessary. A local medical professional’s help should be taken and re-hydration process should be started urgently at the earliest.

    Author: Abhijit Bangal        
    Posted Date: 05/26/2012    Points:2    

    That was something duly explained. As a matter of fact, I just included a point on dehydration in one of my articles here. However, I did not go into these details as my article did not focus entirely on the topic. But it was indeed pleasant reading the same thing that I wrote on.
    Good luck!
    Author: deepa        
    Posted Date: 06/05/2012        

    great article, I have learnt a lot from you

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