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Useful tips to control body odor

May 26, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 1014

This article gives some simple tips to control body odor effectively. Sound tips on how to control sweat on your body and feet is given in this article. Besides, the topic of body odor and its reasons are dealth very aptly in this article.


Body odor

Sweating is a natural process of the human body and when you sweat your body cools down. Sweating could be because of physical activities, hot weather conditions, fever or because of some diseases in the liver or kidney. Sometimes, it can also happen as a side effect if you are under medical treatment and consuming different kinds of medicines. Sweating leads to unpleasant body odor irrespective of the fact that sweat itself does not have an unpleasant odor. The unpleasant odor it emits is because of bacterial action over it. However, you can reduce sweat and tackle the bacteria action on it by following certain tips in your daily life.

Reasons for body odor

Though body odor could be because of many reasons. To cut down the list short. Some important reasons for body odor is as given below:

*. Kidney or liver problem

*. Fungal infection

*. Low blood pressure

*. Diabetes

*. Smoking

*. Lack of essential vitamins and minerals

*. Stress

*. Hormonal imbalance

Tips to control sweat or unpleasant body odor.

Body odor is not only unpleasant for you but it also concerns the person who are around you. Hence, you need to do whatever you can to keep it in check. If you follow certain simple things in your regular life then you will find that it is very easy to control. It will bring you a lot of peace and relief from inside once you will be able to control it. Just check out some simple but effective tips on how to control unpleasant sweating and body odor.

**. During bath clean your armpits with antibacterial soaps. After bath rub your body dry and apply an antiperspirant deodorant on your armpits. You need to towel your body well because if it remains wet it will help in the breeding of harmful bacteria over your skin.

**.Mix essential oils with your bath water so that your body smells good. Shaving your armpits also relieves you from unpleasant odor.

**. Make sure to wear clean clothes together with clean under garments. Clean clothes and under garments are less prone to be affected with bacterial infection. When it comes about controlling sweat cleanliness is the first thing that should be kept in one's mind.

**. Apply powder on your body below the neck and on the folds of your knees and hands. Since, these regions of the body is more prone to sweating and getting wet you need to apply powder on it. Keep a clean towel or cotton hanky to wipe your sweats as soon as it forms on your body including your face, neck and hands.

**. During periods, make sure to change your pads after every three hours.

**. Use a good antibacterial talcum powder that would help in the prevention of excess sweating.

**. Change clothes if you are sweating too much and wear cotton clothes. Cotton clothes helps in the passage of air in your body and thereby prevents sweating too often.

**.Avoid foods that are junk, oily and spicy in nature. Avoid the usage of garlic, onion, pepper etc because these have indirect affect on your body odor. Eat foods that are simple to eat and easy to digest.

**. Avoid smoking because when you smoke the smell of tobacco stick on your skin and dresses and emits unpleasant smells. It would also be a good idea if you rinse your face properly after every meal.

**. Avoid tight fitting clothes because it prevents free movement of air inside and outside your body. Wearing loose clothes also helps in the proper circulation of blood in your body.

**. Drinking a lot of water and fruit juices help in reducing sweat. It also keeps your body well hydrated throughout the day.

**.If you want to avoid the usage of deodorant because of your sensitive skin nature then alternatively you can use baby powder talc on your armpits and feet.

To remove unpleasant odor from feet

Your feet are also an important part of your body and it too needs and equal attention from your side. Like any other parts of your body your feet too sweats and emits unpleasant odor. Therefore, you need to do everything that you can to keep it way from excess sweating.

*. Apply foot powder on your feet and shoes and avoid wearing same shoes everyday.

*. Wear cotton socks and wear your shoes after keeping it in the sun for sometime. Make sure that your shoes are made in such a way that it allows air inside.

*. Mix baking soda and vinegar with water and keep your legs in it for sometime. It will avoid the growth of bacteria and fungus on your feet.

Things to remember

Now, you need to remember three simple and essential things which you need to follow regularly if you want to have a full and final control on your body odor. They are as mentioned below:

**. Drink two glass of water in the morning when your stomach is empty.

**.Avoid spicy and fatty foods together with ginger, onion, garlic etc.

**. Mix lemon juice with water and keep your feet inside it. It will prevent your legs from emitting foul and unpleasant odor.

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Really a very good article to read.

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