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Middle Age Crisis

May 27, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 1026

Both men and women experience what is called as mid-life crisis which can cause a period of depression and anxiety that can lead to other major complications.


It is a time or period in our life when we realize that our life is more than half way over and we are nearing the last days with each passing year . It is a major transitional period and most people ,both men and women experience what is called as mid-life crisis which can cause a period of depression and anxiety that can lead to other major complications. People suddenly want to do things that they may not have tried before or attempted to do before, but now feel pressurized to do so owing to the fact that they do not have many years left to do everything that they desired or intended to do.

As someone pointed out - The past is set and done with , it has left its mark but the future is shorter than before ( past), so how does one navigate without repeating what we have already done .You are at a stage of life where you need to carefully analyse your position and move on in the right direction. You feel that you are not actually old , but only middle aged and hate it when youngsters call you old. But at the back of your mind, you do know that you are edging towards old age. This fact makes you uncertain and insecure and unsure since the future suddenly looks bleak.

Psychological Effects of Mid Life crisis

1,One can say that the years between 30 and 70, with 40 to 60 at its core is when one suddenly realizes that you are reaching mid life and this can effect individuals in a number of ways often causing a lot of unpleasantness and disturbances in their personal lives because of the changed outlook and attitude towards life. It depends entirely on the way they handle it and come out of it without too many adversities.

2,Certain factors contribute to the crisis such as the pace of present day lifestyle , work related stress, any previous misunderstanding between spouses that can escalate in some cases and clash with the children who would be grown up and becoming more independent in their thinking and actions.

3, Most adults experience more "overload" stressors which is basically to do with juggling too many activities at one time. There are gender differences, where according to many studies , ladies are able to cope better and also manage much more efficiently with such stressors than men do. According to most Psycho analysts It is also a well known fact that men become more nurturing and women more assertive at midlife.

4, The hint or the knowledge of the decline of cognitive functioning by the second half of middle life is another worrying factor that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to middle aged adults. The ability that declines between 25 and midlife is perceptual speed—the inability to quickly and accurately perform any task is something that can cause insecurity and distress in the mind of a person. It is also the period when most people start having health problems like High Blood pressure, Arthritis, problems with their vision and hearing ,diabetes and other life style diseases, all of which further makes a person feel depressed and unsure about the future.

5, Decline in sexual desire is another major factor that can cause a lot of self doubt and frustration especially in men. This is also the period when most individuals become very short tempered and illogical in their behavior. They lose their temper unexpectedly and expect others to understand their state of mind. But with two partners going through the same kind of uncertainty it only makes matters worse.

6, People also end up with thoughts like being failures or not having done their best to their spouse , children or extended family or at the other extreme feel that they have not received what they rightfully deserve from their spouse or families. Since both of those feelings makes a person dissatisfied and unhappy , it can lead to friction with other family members.

7,There is also a decreased ambition and lack of motivation which may lead to other problems like addiction – alcohol, smoking or even drugs in some cases. At the other end of the scale there can be an increased level of ambition and a sense of urgency to achieve things and do better before it is too late which can be frustrating to people around the person especially close family members. Any death within the family can further aggravate matters and the person can sometimes go into depression for days together.

8, There are some cases where middle aged people do all sorts of strange and outrageous things like dressing up like a teenagers or driving recklessly or quitting a well paying job on an impulse or even wanting to divorce or separate from their spouse of many years and look for another younger partner, all aimed at trying to prove a point.

It is easier to cope with mid life/age crisis is by believing in the fact that midlife transition is simply another, normal transition to another stage of life. While mid life crisis can be accompanied by serious depression, it can also mark a period of tremendous growth and one should learn to realize when the transition period is developing into depression or a frustrating period and immediately take action or necessary steps before it gets out of hand.

Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 05/28/2012        

very good points dear ushaji.

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