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Vedas - The Life Breath of the Supreme God

May 28, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 955

What are the Vedas? Are they the basic scriptures of Hinduism? The Vedas are what defines the Hindu religion and proclaim the presence of God. The universe itself exists within the Lord and the Vedas are a means of knowing HIM.


Does God exist? The answer is yes . God does exist. The solid proofs of God’s existence are the Vedas . What are the Vedas? Who wrote the verses? The supreme God or Ishwara created Brahma. God then taught the Vedas to Lord Brahma by transmitting it in the form of cosmic vibrations. The Vedas are said to be the very breath of the supreme Lord.

How did the cosmic vibrations become sound? How did the present Vedic chant come to be?

Lord Brahma received the cosmic vibrations and was able to perceive it with the help of the supreme Lord. He then created the universe with the guidance of the Lord. Revered sages who did not wish to disclose their identity were able to comprehend these cosmic vibrations. They established contact with these vibrations. The vibrations were converted into sounds which they memorized. They then taught these sounds (mantras) to their students. The Vedas were thus revealed to humans. The gurus taught the Vedas to their students by word of mouth. Later on, it was written down.

The Vedas reveal the supreme Lord. One who studies the Vedas will realize God. Every aspect of knowledge is contained in the Vedas. It is difficult to comprehend the Vedas in one lifetime. Languages are influenced over time. However, the Vedic language has not changed and never will. The words in the Vedic hymns reveal the power of the supreme God. Words are recited with precision. The Vedas lay stress on sound. It is not enough to read the Vedas silently. The hymns have to be recited with proper pronunciation. The vibration of the mantras ensures well being for the person who chants it and the surroundings also. The sounds of the Vedas also have meaning.

Number of Vedas and their names

There are four Vedas. They are Rig, Saama, Yajur and Atharvana Veda . It was sage Vyasa who classified the Vedas into four. Each Veda is further divided into Samhita, Braahmanas and Aaranyakas. The mantras that are recited during Veda sessions are the Samhitas. There are over twenty thousand mantras in the Samhita category. Popular sooktas or collections of mantras are Narayana sooktam, Purusha sooktam, Rudram and Chamakam. The purpose of the Vedas is to describe the creator who create the universe and dissolves it time and again.

The Braahmanas deal with rites and rituals. They are basically texts which cite rules and regulations for performing ceremonies. The Aaranyakas as the name indicates relates to meditation in the forests. The texts contained in the Aaranyakas help the spiritual seeker to progress in meditation. The Upanishads are contained in the Aaranyakas and reveal the essence of the Vedas. The spiritual knowledge acquired by the sages is communicated by them through the Upanishads . The Vedas further contain many subdivisions. Puranas are stories which help a common man understand the concept of a virtuous life. They also help man understand and realize the supreme power of the universal God.


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