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Facts about bathroom heat lamps

May 28, 2012  by: nishidha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 852

Do you feel the need of bathroom heat lamps to give comfort in the winters? Are you thinking about how to fix a heat lamp in the bathroom? Is it quite safe to do that? Wondering about how to give comfort to your body after having a warm shower? Well, does your bathroom remain quite cold in the winter season? If, yes, then you need the bathroom heat lamps to keep it warm.


Do I Need A Bathroom Heat Lamp?
A bathroom heat lamp is a heating device that helps keep your bathroom warm in the winters. Generally, after having a warm shower, one feels quite cold in the bathroom. A sudden change from the warm atmosphere to the cold one can result in some severe health problems. Due to this, one surely needs the bathroom heat lamps for maintaining the temperature to normal even in the bathing rooms.

The Benefits of Bathroom Heat Lamps
Heat lamps have been used for many therapies since years. In medical science, the heat lamps have played a very important role in providing instant heat and light. The new born babies were also given the comfort of heat lamps in case of severe colds. Bathroom heat lamps are used widely with the same theory of medical science because these lamps give same comfort of heat and light. Some more benefits of the bathroom heat lamps are given below-

1. Sufficient light: The heat lamps provide sufficient light in the bathing room along with the comfort of the additional heat.
2. Body Heating: Giving some heat to the body after a bath becomes necessary to maintain the level of temperature of the body.
3. Improves health: When the body remains in normal temperature there is no need of worrying about any health problems like cold, cough and headache too.
4. Less electricity: Bathroom heat lamps consume less electricity and one does not need to go out to get some better source of heat during the winters.
5. Instant Comfort: Getting heat in the comfort of your bathroom becomes very important during the winters. The cold season is already uncomfortable, however, one needs instant comfort in the bathing room and that can be best provided by the bathroom heat lamps.
6. Immediate source: These lamps provide the immediate source of heat without any delay. One really does not need any other source for getting immediate heat after taking bath or shower.

Types of Bathroom Heat Lamps
Infrared heaters or the bathroom heat lamps are found in various types. One can use them as per the need. Some of them consume more electricity and most of them give less or more heat depending upon the size. One can choose the best bathroom heat lamp depending upon the need. Some types of the heat lamps that can best suit your bathroom are given below.

1. Overhead heaters: These bulb heaters or the ceiling heaters are good for the small bathrooms because they do not consume any space in your bathroom. The room remains warm by the use of one or more bulbs in this heater.
2. Wall mounted heaters: These panel heaters are slim and compact and suitable for small rooms. They consume the space on the walls of your bathroom and thus give you comfortable space in the room.
3. Freestanding heaters: These portable heating lamps can be used in case of need to add some extra heat to your bathroom. These do not need any installations and thus are easy to use.
4. Baseboard heaters: These can be one of the systematic ways of heating the bathing rooms. One can have a large or a small sized baseboard heater depending upon the size of the bathroom.
5. Under floor heaters: For those who need warm tiles in the bathrooms can install the under floor heaters for warmth to your bathroom.

Best Way to Install A Bathroom Heat Lamp
The installation of the bathroom heaters vary and depend upon the type of heater. One should be careful while installing any type of bathroom heat lamp since it uses the electricity source for working. One can easily avoid the installation of the lamps that need wiring; however, it is always good to seek the help of the professional when difficult wirings are to be made for the installation. Otherwise, your own talent is good to go, right? Some tips that may help you in installing a bathroom heat lamp in a better way are given below.

1. The heat lamp should be installed in the place where you can stand or sit after having the shower. It should not be installed in the place nearby the shower.
2. Ventilation is very important while installing the heat lamps in the bathroom. Some heaters come with the ventilation fan; however, it is very important to make sure that there is proper ventilation in the bathroom to avoid overheating.
3. Careful wiring that remains away from the moisture is always important. Making sure that the wiring is not exposed will help in having more secured warmth in the bathing room.
4. Installing a ceiling heat lamp can give you the best effect and safety too.

How Much Do Bathroom Heat Lamps Cost and What Are the Best Options?
Cost of the bathroom heat lamps vary, however, you always have ample choices to go for the best one. In general, a single bulb heater can cost up to $36.00 using 250w. Also, the heaters with single bulb and exhaust fan can cost up to $59.00 using the same amount of 250w. Similarly, there are heaters with two bulbs, three bulbs and even four bulbs. The cost of the heat lamps with four bulbs of 270w can be up to $252.00. The best option depends totally on your need, so before buying the bathroom heat lamps one needs to first understand your requirements.

So, are you all set to buy the new bathroom heat lamps for this winter? No wonder, they give the complete warmth for your bathing room, isn't it? Well, now you need not worry because thought the winters are chilly outside, your bathing room will remain as normal as it should be always.


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