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Cash Back Credit Cards - A Boon for Credit Card Holders

May 28, 2012  by: nishidha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 967

Are you looking for the Cash Back Credit Cards? Are you tired of spending all the time without earning any rewards? Looking for some discounts after you spend a lot of time and money? Are you wondering about getting some return percentage on your gas expenses? Do you think that you should move from the normal credit cards to the reward giving Cash Back Credit Cards?


Life becomes simpler when we carry the credit cards, right? By using the credit cards, the shopping, the fun, the daily purchase and the online purchase becomes very easy. Moreover, the happiness is doubled when we get some points for using the credit cards. It becomes interesting to spend when we earn a bonus for what we have spent. So, how about getting the benefit of the monetary amount on your Cash Back Credit Cards?

Cash Back Credit Cards are the boon to the credit card holders. Along with the other amazing benefits of the credit card, the card holder gets some bonus for using it. Isn''t that amazing? Generally, we spend money for buying; however, it becomes a blessing when we get money for spending money.

What are Cash Back Credit Cards?
Cash Back Credit Cards are those credit cards where the card issuer operates some cash back schemes for the benefit of the card holder. In general, the card holders receive some percentage of the expenditure done by their credit card. This cash back amount is paid by cheque or credited to the card holder''s account.

The popular card issuers are known to raise the cash back percentage up to 5%. It includes the purchases made by the card holders at the groceries stores, gas stations and pharmacies for some periods like 6 months or so. In most of the cases, the percentage of the cash back decreases up to 1% after 6 months which then remains stable after that.

The main purpose of the cash back scheme is to get the attention of the new customers. This increases the business of the credit card companies and also gives many benefits to the card applicants. This is the part of the real business world where the card issuer and the card holder both are in a win-win situation. Does that sound great?

Need of Cash Back Credit Cards
One might already have credit cards without the cash back schemes. However, have you ever known the importance of the Cash Back Credit Cards over the normal credit cards?

We always need the credit cards and we cannot survive without them, right? If you consider your annual expenditure, then, you can calculate the amount of commission that you are paying your bank for the credit card transactions. This amount can be very high if you have been using your credit cards for huge expenditure, right? This means, you have been spending and also paying for the transaction to your bank. Is that a win-win situation in your favor too?

Well, that''s where the Cash Back Credit Cards come into picture. So, how about making things simpler and in your favor? That is the purpose of the credit cards which offer you the schemes where the card holders get something in return. Did that make sense to you now?

When we calculate your daily, monthly, quarterly and annual expenditure, we understand that it goes on increasing without any benefits for you, right? So, why not start using the Cash Back Credit Cards where you get some percentage of your expenditure in various forms like points, rewards, discounts, coupons and sometimes free services too.

Types of Cash Back Credit Cards
The competitive credit card market has many benefits for the card holders. A few card issuers give more cash back percentage and rewards as compared to others due to the growing competition in the market and the need of survival and stability. Some known credit card issuers which provide you the best cash back schemes are-
1. American Express: The American Express Platinum Cashback Card gives 5% cash back in first 3 months. Thereafter, the card holder gets 1.25% without cap. They also give engagement bonus of 2.5% in the anniversary month when the expenditure reaches £10K. That is a wonderful scheme, isn''t it?
2. Capital One: Capital One World MasterCard also gives 5% cash back on all your purchases for an introductory period of 3 months. It is capped at £100. Thereafter, you get tiered cash back up to 1.25%. There is no annual fee and this scheme is especially for the new customers. Well, that''s the boon for the new customers, right?
3. Santander: Santander 123 Credit Card gives you 1% cash back on the supermarket expenditure. There is no capping. The card holder gets 2% on the department store and 3% on the fuel. It is capped at £9pm. Cash back is paid monthly into your card account. Wow! Does that sound great?
4. AA: AA Visa Credit Card gives you points as a part of their cash back schemes. They give you the reward of 1 point on every £2 spent by you. Along with that, you get 1 point for every £1 spent on motoring, fuel or the purchase of the AA products. Card holders can earn up to 4% cash back. This is an interest free card too. That sounds wonderful!

Gas cash back cards have also become popular due to the increase in the prices of gasoline. These gas rebate credit cards are provided to the new customers on an average of 3% APR (Annual Percentage Rate). This helps the customers earn the rebate check at the end of the year for all their expenses on gas. In some cases, the gasoline discount is applied monthly so that the customers do not have to wait throughout the year to get discounts for their precious expenditures.

Finally, it depends upon the credit card companies to choose the types of customers they want. Similarly, it totally depends upon the customers to choose the type of credit cards they want. Some research, information and your desire can come together to make life simpler and full of rewards for you, right?

So, what do you think now? Does that sound like a boon for the credit card holders? Get one of the best Cash Back Credit Cards and see your life bloomed with rewards. Best of Luck for all your future expenditures!


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