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Tips on Mirroring Body Language

May 29, 2012  by: nishidha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 1242

Mirroring body language is very important when one wants to build a strong rapport with another person. It is a way to build a strong bond with other person by interacting with him or her in a like-minded attitude. Your gestures, smile, eye movements, tones, expressions, accent, attitude, muscle tensions and thoughts can be similar to the one with whom you are trying to build a relationship. That gives a quick feeling of being one!


Your smile can be very important in mirroring body language. That can bring love, compassion and trust too. Bringing others closer to you can start with your pleasant smile to make them feel happy and pleasing. Thus, your body language plays a very important role in making live relationships in this world. When we smile, we convey the message that we have accepted the friendship of the person without any doubt or hesitation. That makes them come closer to us.

Understanding one another is very important these days. We can make a feeling of good understanding by mirroring body language. Generally, we look for like-minded friends so that we may have long lasting friendship and relationship. If our body language matches, then we are known to have 90% of similarity to that person.

Facial Expressions
The facial expressions matter a lot when we talk about mirroring body language. Your eyes speak whether you have accepted the person as your friend or not. Facial expressions like frowning, laughter and looking into the eyes of another person really matters in mirroring body language.

Love at First Sight
Your heart speaks most of the story with you. Heart is very important because unless your heart matches, we cannot find a perfect relationship for us. The heart gets the message from the mirroring body language that the person infront is similar to us. When we accept that, we are able to make a perfect and everlasting relationship. Love happens after that. Sometimes, the mirroring body language is so instant that we realize the love at first sight. Isn't that amazing?

Impressing Ladies
Many men have been trying their best to impress women. Some of them are successful, while the others fail all the time. Mirroring body language can be very useful when you want to impress a woman. Women always look for someone who can be close, understandable and mind blowing. Your body language can be the first step to impress a woman because she would feel that you are thinking similar to her. A woman always looks for the man who would understand her feelings. Mirroring body language can be the first step in doing that so that the woman can feel that you have already understood her mind. That is the point where you can be mind blowing!

Match Your Thinking
Be patient and understand the level of thinking of the other person. Due to this, one would feel that your thinking is matching. Do not try to overdose the person with your extraordinary thinking. This can be very useful when you are going into a partnership with another person in business. A business depends on same thinking and same aims. When the thinking matches, things become very easy and in a friendly manner.

Match Your Personality
Mirroring body language includes same style of clothing, food and lifestyle too. One of the favorite things that two people like is same dressing style. That can be the first impression of being of similar thoughts. Next are the hair style and then the eating habits. Those people who love to have the same cuisine are also termed to be like-minded.

Be Patient
One needs to be patient in order to notice the expressions of other person. We need to observe the body language of other person for mirroring it. Once that is understood, we can take a quick chance and try to do it. That makes a feeling of being together.

Be Perfect
If the person understands that you are trying the concept of mirroring body language, then that might be a failure. Mirroring body language is always done unknowingly so that the person infront may find it real and natural. If it seems that you are copying another person, then that might result into irritation and mocking. So be careful!

Mirroring body language has become very important in this world. Making the feeling of being similar is great. That also makes permanent relationship between the partners. So, if you are lacking behind in making relationships, then try mirroring body language. You will be definitely successful!


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