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Useful hair care tips for the hot summer

June 01, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.20   Views: 1701

This article gives complete information on hair care tips for the hot summer. The problems one faces in summer with hair could be solved by following some basic easy to follow tips. Besides, different kinds of home made hair packs for different types of hair is also mentioned in this article. Finally, some important tips for some minor problems are also given in this article.



Once again summer is here and along with it sweats, tanned faces and sun burnt hands and legs is what we are expect in this harsh weather conditions. Since you are helpless in such a condition, when nature is too cruel and harsh, you need to find ways to get relieved from your problems. In order to protect your skin you use umbrella, sunglasses and sunscreen lotions. Similarly, you need to take care of your hair too because in summer your hair gets exposed to warm winds and get dry, rough and reddish. Besides, too much humidity in the atmosphere makes your hair dull. The sweats on your scalp affects the hair roots and weakens the hair and emits a foul smell. Together with this, you face other problems like dandruff , lice, fungal infection etc. All these have a direct or indirect effect on the quality of your hair and even stops the normal growth of your hair to a large extent. Hence, to protect your hair in summer you need to take some special care so that it does not affect the overall health and beauty of your hair.

Hair care tips for summer

You need to follow some simple and easy tips on a regular basis to protect your hair in these hot and sultry conditions. Here is given some simple tips which would go a long way to maintain your hair and its quality for a long time.

1) Cleansing is the first step towards maintaining your hair. You need to shampoo your hair twice or thrice in a week or else the sweats, dusts and germs would accumulate on the hair roots and harm your hair very badly. If you move out everyday or do too much of field work then make sure to shampoo your hair regularly. You need to keep in mind to use any light shampoo on your hair.

2) To keep your hair soft, silky and wavy you need to use a branded hair conditioner. After shampooing, apply a good conditioner from tip to the bottom of your hair and keep it for five minutes before rinsing off your hair with cold natural water. You also need to choose a conditioner according to the nature and texture of your hair.

3) If you could wet your hair everyday while bathing it will certainly help in removing the sweats from the hair roots and scalp. If your hair is too long then you need to wet your hair at least three days in a week. Make sure to use a comb with a broader teeth as this would prevent entangling of your hair.

4) Dry your hair properly before finally you tie it up as this will prevent unnecessary breakage of your hair.

5) If you do not have the habit of oiling your hair regularly then make it sure to apply warm oil on your hair once in a week and gently massage it on your scalp and on the hair roots. The good thing about it is that oil creates a ceiling between your hair and the harmful rays of the sun and hence act as a protective covering on your hair.

6) To control the roughness or dryness of your hair use hair serum . It is a liquid oil solution that can be applied on any type of hair. The good thing about it is that it has no side effects at all and provides your hair with natural shiny look. It also prevents entangling of your hair and keeps it soft.

7) When you move out in the sunshine, make sure to use an umbrella. If you move out for long hours under the sunshine make sure to cover your hair with a scarf or a hat.

Home made hair packs for hair

Due to the hot and sultry condition of the summer months your hair loses its humidity and luster. To revert your hair to the previous good condition you need to apply hair moisturizer. You may prepare some home made hair packs and apply it on your hair. This would definitely rejuvenate your hair and you need to choose a hair pack according to the quality and texture of your hair.

For rough and dry hair

1) Make a mixture with egg, sour curd, lemon juice, one spoon of honey and apply it on your hair. Keep it for one hour and then shampoo it off with a good conditioning shampoo.

2) A mixture of glycerin, egg and sour curd works as a great hair pack.

3) Mix some curd and ashwagandha ( winter cherry ) powder and apply it as a pack on your hair.

For oily hair

1) Make a hair pack by mixing one spoon of olive oil, white part of an egg, one spoon of lemon juice and apply it on your hair. This is a very good pack for natural hairs.

2) Mix sour curd, coconut oil or olive oil and apply it on the scalp of your head. Shampoo it off after one hour.

3) You can also make a pack of honey, egg and lemon juice and apply it on your hair. This nourishes your hair properly.


You need to depend on visage products to maintain the beauty of your hair in the summer months. For better health of your hair you need to provide your hair with better diet. This can be achieved with the help of protein, oil and massage. If you do not like to use oil on your hair you may use hair toner. If you use a home made hair toner your hair would remain more healthy. To remove lice from your hair mix naphthalene powder with coconut oil to apply it on your hair and keep it on your hair for one hour. For the problem of dandruff apply a paste of garlic on your hair. Keep it for two hours and then wash it off with a shampoo. To stop bad smell from your hair, apply talcum powder on the hair roots.


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