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The cure is in the kitchen

June 02, 2012  by: centeredaroundkids  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 790

Its always not necessary to run to a chemist when your kids falls ill. Many a remedy is often hidden in the kitchen itself. be that summer rashes or teething pain.


Hey! I am back with more home remedies for your kid and you.

Itchy summer rashes

1. Bathe the baby with neem (Indian Lilac) leaves soaked water for a week.
2. Apply aloevera juice or pulp.
3. Apply cucumber paste.
4. Pour some oats into water. Let it soak for a while. Bathe with that water.
5. Application of a mix of olive oil, basil (tulsi) leaves’ juice and garlic juice.
6. For heat rash, an immediate soother is applying ice pack.

Teething pain
Loads of teething toys and over the counter gels are available in the market today to help. But try these home remedies. They work well.
1. Frozen towel or bottle nipple to bite on. Caution – might catch a cold on prolonged use.
2. Massage with a drop of clove oil. Caution – make sure its very little else it may burn. Try mixing a little butter with it before applying.
3. Softly rub the baby’s gums. Massaging helps. Use some olive oil while massaging.
4. Chewing cold fruits like a banana. helps.
5. Apply a little bit of ginger juice on the gums.
6. Rub some natural vanilla on the gums.

Sore breasts from feeding
This one’s for you mommies :-)

Other than switching sides during a feed, using the one being used lesser, keeping the nipples dry and not washing them with soap,exposure of the nipples to air and sunlight for a few minutes every day, wearing clean bras; here are some home remedies for you.
1. Apply ghee (clarified butter) or butter on the nipples till the next feed. But make sure you rub it off before feeding the baby.
2.Massage almond or olive oil. Rub it off before a feed.
3. Rub aloevera juice. Rub it off before a feed.
4. Rub some breast milk on the sore nipple(s)!
5. Rub it with lemon juice honey and olive oil. Rub it off before a feed.
6. Dab cotton wool dipped in warm salt water just after the feed.

More soon! Next will be the ears!


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