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Eight tips when starting to exercise

June 02, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 887

There is a time when all of us want to start exercising. One has heard a lot of positive things about exercising and that is why one is drawn towards it.


The urge to exercise can be so high at times that one does not even take enough care to know the basics. But you should at least go through these tips once before you start your exercise routine.

Warming up
Be it your first time or not a warming up session is extremely important. Many people tend to ignore the warming up exercises. In fact, the warm ups have always been looked down upon as a time-wasting thing where one moves his hands and feet. However, the warming up relaxes your muscles and makes them ready to carry out the main exercise.
You might have seen sportsmen warming up on the ground itself. It can be seen especially in cricket when bowlers are ready to bowl their over. Due to warming up, the muscles do not get a sudden jerk in any movement as you have already prepared them for the next training session.

Put safety first
Whichever form of exercise might you be in, safety is of paramount importance. Exercise is a way where you give pleasure to your body. At no time should your body feel the heat of the stretching. Never overdo any form of the activity that you are doing for the first time.
Also, refrain from undue competition with your mate. That will be enough to land you in trouble and leave you in trouble. If you are learning any new activity, learn it to perform safely. It involves a lot of attention and minute concentration.

Start slowly
It is obligatory that you do not bump into any of the exercise regime. Start slow. Never try to carry out any one type of workout for longer durations. Take breaks along the way. That will help your muscles to loosen when they feel the heat of the workout. If you are a slow starter, there will be more benefits than disadvantages. Your muscles will get used to the type of exercise they will be getting in the future.

Talk to your doctor
If you are going to start a fitness workout for a specific purpose, it is important that you first have a word with your doctor. Consult him on the type of workout you will be doing. Understand the pros and cons and only then proceed. At times, it will be vital to keep the record of your blood pressure, the sugar level, the cholesterol, etc. These things can help you a lot and focus better on the exercise routine that you are going to follow in the days to come.

Find a partner to workout
It would be great if you have someone working out with you. Two is company, as they say. Mingling with someone else when exercising will not make you aware of the same routine that you follow. The communication and the flow of thoughts are nice and fine when you speak with your friend. You can try out newer things with the help of your partner. You will soon realize that working out can be fun when the two of you are there.

Hire a professional
The best thing to go about doing your exercise safely is hiring a personal professional trainer. He will be able to guide you on a personal level as well as pay attention to you closely. Professional trainers are always known to dish out the best in them. He can set the correct program for you to carry out. The time, the duration and the volume of workouts can all be decided by the training guy. Working out under a pro eye will yield better results which will be long lasting.

Set your goals
Do not workout blindly. Always remember to set the goals for your exercise routine. The goals can either be for a day, for a week or even a month. The better part of setting the goals is writing them down. That will give some concrete looks. Always update the goals in your diary as and when you make any progress. It will work as an inspiration to you to work forward with the entire zoom.

Select your favorite workout
This is very important for the starting phase. Select your favorite workout so that you will feel the will to do it. Going for something that you do not like might look as though it has been forced on you. The thoughts of quitting the exercise for good may crop up in your mind. You may not enjoy doing such workout. Choose any activity that will make you do it more. In the course of time, you will get used to it and you will not feel the pressure of doing it.

Whatever exercise you do, keep these things in mind. Try and find ways by which all these things will look enjoyable to yourself.


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