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Human resource - Tomorrow's greatest resource

June 03, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 783

Human resource is a great asset to a country''s economy. Man power should be handled with care. Balance should be maintained between resources and users.


Population. The word itself makes us think in different ways as it can be considered as both boon and curse according to the supporting situations. India is the second largest in terms of population.Due to more number of people in every sector ,there are many ideas and it can be narrated as 'thought banks'. Now, considering the population of a country, there are also people who are residing in different countries with same nationality which is alternatively helping our foreign coin stock market. Reason may be different for this migration which may be temporary or permanent, but its a real strength.

Considering India, its becoming one of the biggest economy of the world and population is real resource behind this. Reasons may be different like,easy availability of cheap labour etc. Population is always adding fuel to economic growth.

Many developed nations are suffering from aging population. Major part of their population is above 60 years. They are experienced, talented but tired. That's the problem of the aged population. They may not be able to contribute to the economy of a country. they are considered as the dependent population which weakens the economy. But in countries like India, the situation is bit different.

The Young blood - Man power

The country has a great resource of young population. A little kick-start will make a heavy beginning and consistent growth. But on the other-side, some countries are taking strategies to limit their population as they consider that it is affecting the countries overall growth in a bad way. As of now it may be a better option as they have to maintain a balance between the increasing population and the resource availability of the country. But in long run it may affect the economy in a negative way as aged population will have a huge hike. this means an increase in the dependent population.

For countries with large population, the problem is the balance between resources and users. Better living conditions has to be provided. Skill development will lead to individual development and in turn the development of the nation. Everything goes comes around. A countries development will always helps in individual growth.

Handling the man power

Considering India, literacy is not a huge barrier as compared to as it was. Because the literacy rate in the country has increased from 18.33% in 1951 to 68.35% as per 2001 census. So, this problem is rapidly diminishing. Countries with better living conditions and literacy rate are suffering from lack of man power. Though new innovations and inventions makes the life easier, yet we don't have a resource which can replace the human resource efficiently. Due to increasing population there is competition in every sector and its always better to choose someone from a lot than from few. Monopoly destroys efficiency and competition always improves quality.

Increasing population is not a big problem. The problem is the illiterate and unemployed people in the country. No one is born educated. Society has to provide them proper availability of materials according to their needs and government is trying its best to create an efficient society. An individual creates a society and society creates a nation.

Population is a boon if well handled. Its tomorrows greatest resource.


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