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How to sleep well and feel refreshed?

June 03, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.10   Views: 604

A good sleep is very essential for a healthy body and mind. People who are sleep deprived are jittery and not able to perform well. Advice on how to get a good sleep is provided below.


Sleep is very essential to have a healthy body and mind. A person who sleeps well will not have any tensions or worries. A person who gives importance to worries will say goodbye to sleep. Therefore it is essential to wipe the mind clean before going to sleep. One can do this by writing a list about daily activities and striking out each one by dealing with any problems like nagging fear or anger. Problems can be dealt with by consulting others or offering a small prayer at night. A clean mind will help set in sleep and the body will relax properly. Thus a person will benefit from a restive sleep.

There are ways to induce sleep like drinking a glass of milk before going to sleep. However care should be taken to wash the mouth otherwise bacteria will destroy the enamel of the teeth. Drinks which contain caffeine should be strictly avoided if one desires sleep. Caffeine induces wakefulness and the person will not be able to sleep properly.

Natural herbs are good for inducing sleep. Natural herbs are sold in the form of supplements through online websites. It should be remembered that all herbs do not suit everybody, especially those with other health problems. Herbs which may be good for one can be quite dangerous to another. So, it is better to contact a skilled professional or herb expert before buying costly supplements and consuming them.

Hard work which involves physical exercise is a good sleep inducer. The body needs rest from work, but if a person does not work at all, the body will not require rest and therefore a person who lies on the couch all day and watches television or plays video games will not get good sleep.

A good sleep is very important to feel refreshed the next day. A person who wants to attend an important interview, exam or meeting has to try and relax the mind before sleeping. A calm sleep will restore the energy and the person will be energetic enough to face any challenges, the next day.


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