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Importance of teacher in developing human resources

June 03, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 760

In this article, I have explained how a teacher takes role in the development of human resources in a country. This article will give a inspiration to a teacher to work efficiently.


If a country wants to develop it should develop human resources. Only technology does not improve final status of a country. So, any country should focus their concentration on improving skills in human resources. That can be done only explore different approaches of teaching at school level. To overcome the problem of human resources, any country must concentrate its interest on establishing schools. In addition, it has to give potentiality in the form of faculty. Necessary teaching aids should be provided to the faculty of schools.

For that purpose, in-service training should be given to teachers to improve their technical approaches and introduce new methods of teaching . For that purpose, government of India has introduced NCF-2005(National curricular frame work). Recently, it has been revised and given as NCF-2011. According to this programme, a teacher should take minimum 20 days in-service training to develop his skills. It is the duty to conduct trainings for teachers. Every year, state government of Andhra Pradesh, introduces some changes in primary education. First those changes started with entering activity based and child centered at primary level. Activity based teaching started in DPEP(District Project Education Programme). With this programme, in-service trainings were started to imbibe new approaches of teaching in teachers.

Every day we see many technical changes in the society. In the past, we use postal cards to mail from one place to another place. But, now, cell phones substitute the place postal card. Simply, click on button that sends message to any place in the world. Altogether, the total world became a global village. So, in this crucial society, teacher can not exist with old methods he adopted in the past. Today, parents are asking teachers what they teach. So, objective of teacher changes to development all competencies in a student. On other hand, government does not compromise in this matter. For that purpose, it conducts regular inspections and monitorings by official and society.

Children are also not like listening machines. In this modern world, student asks questions that are not related to text books. Even though governement changes text books but that does not meet the requirement of students. Some questions asked by them crosses beyond their syllabus. So, teacher has to face this challenge if and only if he/she becomes resourceful in that particular subject. It is possible to clear the doubts of students when the teacher links the topics internally and externally. For example, a science teacher teaches a topic in chemistry to prepare Oxygen. Student can get satisfy if and only if he gets experimental knowledge about that topic. For that, the teacher has to do experiment to produce oxygen. At that time, student can get experimental skills.


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