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How to submit an application for passport?

June 04, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 790

In this article, I have explained on how to apply for passport. This article will give the information on submission of online application to passport office, documents to be submitted and fee structure to get passport.


Generally, a person who wants to go out from one place to another place within country, he/she can use only his identity card. In danger positions, it can be used as identity proof for the person. But, a person, with some work, he/she wants to go to other country. Norms will be changed from this country to that country. Only taking ticket to go to foreign is not enough to leave for other country. At the same time, person needs passport. It is the identification given by the country to permit the person to go abroad. Passport is the only identity but it does not denote the right to live in the country.

How to submit an application for passport:

To get passport, a person has to complete some formalities. Issuing passports is under control of ministry of external affairs.Details of submitting application for passport are:
a) Firstly, person has to enter http://passport.gov.in website where the person has to get online registration for passport ; And then, he/she has to take print out online application form. In other way, a person can obtain downloaded application form(form1, form2 and PP form for direct submission to passport office.
b) While filling up the application form, person has to:
a)Use capital letters to fill up particulars in the boxes;
b)Need black or blue ink pen to fill up the particulars in the application form;
c)Leave a box after completion of writing a word in the boxes;
d)Avoid to write information out of boxes;
e)fill up all the required boxes in the application form otherwise it may not be accepted.
c) After filling the information, person has to submit application online and has to take the print out of it and send it with attested copies of document specified in the application form to passport office or speed post centers or district passport cells or passport collect centers
d) Documents to be shown at the date of appointment given in the print out form of submitted application are:
a)Proof of address;
b)Proof of date of birth;
c)Proof of citizen.
e) For submission of passport to minors, parents has to give declaration as their age is below 18 years. Attested copies of both parents should be submitted and they will be verified when process is going on.
f) If the spouse wants to get passport, then she has to change her sur name in existing passport by using xerox of her husband passport or registration certificate of her marriage.
g) Fee structure to get passport:
a) For fresh passport of 36 pages, person has to pay 1000rupees, 1500 rupees to be paid for 60 pages of fresh passport. For minors, 600rupees to be paid for getting fresh passport. Duplicate passport of 36 pages will be issued at cost of 2500rupees if original one is damaged or stolen. For duplicate passport of 60 pages, fee will be 3000rupees. For police clearance certificate and other endorsements, cost will be 300rupees.
b) Under Tatkal scheme, a person can get passport immediately; But, fee will be different. If a person wants to get passport within a week, he has to pay additionally 1500 rupees along with passport fee or he/she can get passport within fifteen days if and only if he/she pays 1000 rupees along with passport fee. For duplicate passport, person has to pay 2500rupees along with passport fee to get passport within a week; To get duplicate passport within fifteen days, person has to pay 1500 rupees along with passport fee. If the passport expires then a person can get passport within 3 working days if and only if he/she pay 1500rupees along with passport fee.

Author: Sujay Sen        
Posted Date: 06/17/2012    Points:1    

Very good and valuable info you have provided. Thanks for sharing your idea.
Author: Hakimuddin        
Posted Date: 06/25/2012    Points:1    

Really you have provide a good and useful information for readers. Thank you very much.

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