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How to submit a leave letter by a teacher to sanction authority?

June 04, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 2756

In this article, I have explained on how a teacher can apply leave to sanction authority. This article will give the information on way of writing leave letter to leave sanction authority by a teacher. This article will be useful for the teachers. Atmost, teachers in government sector have the same process to get leave from their higher authority


Generally, our experience at school is to take leave without prior intimation to class teacher. But, if the same thing happens in case of teacher, what will be happened? Salary for days that the teacher took leave will be cut and some disciplinary action will be taken against the teacher. For that teacher has to apply leave to head of the school before leaving for the important work.

In Andhra Pradesh, a government teacher has 22 casual and speical casual leaves per year. The teacher can use these leaves per year.

How to submit application by a teacher for a leave to head master:

a) Before submitting application for a leave to head master, teacher should think whether he/she has enough leaves in their account;
b) Teacher has to write a leave letter by addressing to the head master; In that letter, teacher should specify the reason for leave; teacher should also mention how many days does he seek for leave;
c) Teacher should write "Thanking you sir," as a last sentence to show gratitude to head master as he sanction the leave;
d) In the letter, teacher should address himself as last phrase "Yours faithfully" under which he has to put his signature;
e) If head master would not like to give leave then the teacher goes to mandal education officer to get the leave. This is applicable only for government primary school teachers.

Some leaves are beyond the permission of the head master. If the teacher uses all his casual leaves, then he goes for half-pay leaves. Every year, government teacher has 20 days half-pay leaves. These leaves given by gazetted head master or mandal education officer. For these leaves, half salary will be credited to teacher in his account for his half-pay leaves taken.

How to submit application for half-pay leaves to mandal education officer or gazetted head master:

a) Teacher has to write a leave letter manually with powerful reason otherwise sanction authority may not valid the application;
b) If the teacher wants to get full salary for his putting half-pay leaves, he has to lose double half-pay leaves in his account. For example, a teacher has to apply for 10days as half-pay leave; if he lose 20 half-pay leaves then he gets full salary for his 10 days half-pay leave. This facility will be given to the teacher under medical grounds only. Using that, he can commutate his full salary .
b)A teacher can commutate his full salary if and only if he submit medical certificate A and B forms to sanction authority while applying for the leave.

A teacher gets 6 earned leaves per every year. If casual and half-pay leaves are completed then the teacher has to go for to put earned leaves. These leaves will be used for to turn it to cash. Maximum number of teachers do not use these earned leaves .

Some teachers put long leaves for the sake of their personal works such as business , education and other means. If the teacher wants to put 3 months as loss of pay leave then he/she has to apply to mandal education officer or gazetted head master with the condition that the teacher has to join the same place after leave complete. To get leave for 6 months, as leave
of loss pay, the teacher has to apply to district education officer. For more than 1 year leave of loss of pay, a person has to apply to directorate of school education.


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