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Who needs Reservation?

June 04, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 792

Reservation - Implemented with a good intention to diminish the gap in the society. Decades passed, now is the same reservation causing a gap in the society?


The need of reservation in various sectors of society has become questionable since the past decade. Reservation in education and jobs has now become a hot issue. Once upon a time the government has chosen this path for the development of the backward class. But now after nearly 6 decades of independence, do we really need reservation? Or the reservation should be made on a different basis?

One has to fought for himself to grow. Its the world where survival of the fittest is the most dominated quote. So, its pointless having reservation, if a person wants to study , then he or she will do so under any circumstances. For backward classes providing monetary benefits in special coaching would do, rather than reserving few seats for them. May be if these seats were not reserved for them, they would work even more harder and be competent enough as others. In a way reservation is playing down their capabilities. Its a back stab on the self respect.

Give a chance, Give an equal chance

Give them equal chance so that they get the respect in the society for what hard work one pays for it. Moreover, its creating rift between students as upper caste students are sour over the reserved seats. Admission to any place should be purely on merit basis and steps should also be taken to avoid these so called money seats bought by richie rich by paying huge amounts for seats in different institutes.

By abolishing reservation, it will increase the creamy layer in our society, but ultimately we will have a society with a huge gap between backward and forward class. equal chances have to be given for all the people. But uneven support for a small class of people should be given with proper guidelines and under close surveillance. Because, most of the times, one who is in real need of such support may be denied from these opportunities and these may get into the hands which are not in need of this up-fitments provided by the society.

Reservation - with a good intention

Let us look 60 years back. Because of more than 300 years of exploitation and humiliation, the backward society had become under developed mentally and economically. That is why our government introduced reservation for backward class people so that they can live parallel with mainstream people. Hence now we can see many backward class people have come up to the mainstream of the society.

Giving reservation for the backward class people was the need of the society to bring them up to the society, so that we can bring equality among people. But, today''s scenario is pretty much different from the time when the reservation was introduced in the society. The economical and educational conditions of the society has changed. Now we have equal opportunities for each and every one according to their skills and capabilities. this has came into a reality just because of a brave initiative took back decades ago to give reservation to the backward class people.

What we see now is that the people who are termed as backward class people just because of their caste are well sound in terms of financial and educational qualities in many cases and just because some are born in so called upper caste, they are denied from getting equal chance to compete and survive in this world. That''s not fair.

Time has changed. Now cast is not a problem. So, reservation on the basis of cast should now be changed to reservation on the basis of financial status so that one day we will have a class less society and the gap between poor and rich will be filled up.

Update the outdated criterion''s

Reservation is a term used to describe the government policy ,seats are reserved in parliament of India , state legislative assemblies , central and state civil services and in public sector units like educational institutes. Discrimination against groups of citizens on grounds of race , religion , language or national origin has been a problem with which societies have grappled. Because due to reservation those candidates having real eligibility are deprived from their merits and reservation is a phenomenon unique to countries like India. These reservation criteria were implemented in a society 60 years back from now to facilitate peoples those who were neglected by the society which is no longer a problem in the today''s global village.

Reservation was meant to diminish the gap between different groups of people in the society so that the concept of equality comes into existence. What''s happening now is that the reservation is increasing the social diversity in campuses and work places by lowering the entry criteria for certain identifiable groups that are grossly under representation in proportion to their numbers in general population. We can''t develop our country by underestimating a group of people those who are from backward class or ex- servicemen or widows & deserted women. They need help to survive and we have to give them opportunities.

So, we can''t abolish this reservation process but we can implement changes according to the benefit of our society. Just keep in mind that we need to diminish the gap, not let it grow. The evolution is based on Survival of the fittest. Women and senior citizens are also a part of our society. We can''t discard them. So,there are reservations for ladies to cope up with the society. If we don''t help them then they will suffer and a new society of uneducated people will alter the development pace of our country.

Let''s do it!!

Looking in to the history of reservation in India. Reservation is not the problem that we are facing today or yesterday, it is in existence since long time,but just has changed its form. Previously reservation was given to upper caste people, so in that time the condition of backward caste people got worse. Prior to independence the conditions were pretty similar,so the makers of our constitution felt the need of uplifting of those segment of society which were under humiliation and experiencing inequality in all the sectors of society. So they introduce reservation to lower class people. For decade ago, it was good,but now the picture has changed, the condition of backward caste and the general class people are almost same as now the opportunities are made available irrespective of these criterion''s.

The idea of reservation was to make the sense of equality into a reality. So, we can''t take off the reservation over night. Still we have to give some help for some group of people in the society to come to the main stream. That should not be on the basis of caste. When we are giving reservation to some on the basis of caste, that itself is a violation of human right as because of this some other group of people are discriminated on the basis of caste. Financial background can be a determining factor and the society can implement methods to help poor people to make them capable of utilizing the available opportunities. But it should not lead to another discrimination. Just make sure that all are getting fair chance in a world in which you have to be the fittest to survive!!


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