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Importance of Exercise for a Healthy Heart !

June 05, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 847

What is important is that we should aim to live healthier rather than live longer which has no meaning if health and heart is a problem.


We see that most of the people belonging to the older generation lived a healthy life , most of the time remaining active and taking care of their daily needs without depending on others right until their last days.My own grandpa was 92 when he passed away.He remained active and fit right until his last day when he simply passed away in his sleep.
Most old timers walk everywhere on an avarage covering nothing less that 10 - 12 kms a day which is more than enough to keep all their muscles in ship ahape condition. However, in most cities nowadays it is a difficult state of affairs with the crowded streets, noise , traffic and pollution , it is impossible to walk.One should either have a park or a peaceful residential locality to do that. Most people would rather waste time looking for their car or bike keys rather than walk down to the local shops.

What is important is that we should aim to live healthier rather than live longer which has no meaning if health is a problem.It is not uncommon to hear of youngsters in their thirties die of heart attack al because of stress, inactivity and hypertension. This was unheard of , say 30 years ago.

Fitness matters in Heart Health

Our heart is a special type of muscle called the Myocardium and like any other muscle it requires its dose of exercise or cardio respiratory training. This also improves the efficiency of Lungs. Brisk walking,running,swimming or any other rhythemic movement that uses the larger muscle groups in our body can elevate the heart beat and when this is kept up for at least 20 -30 minutes it is called as cardio - respiratory training that our heart receives which is very essential for a healthy heart.

The average heart beat for an individual is 72 beats per minute.During cardio training or when a person is undertaking some brisk and continued activity the pulse is pushed to much higher levels.

This happens in stages. For example :- when we go for a brisk walk , the first source of energy for the working muscle is glucose from the blood.Once the sugar levels get exhausted energy is got from the stored fat in our body. For this , oxygen is essential because only oxygen can break down the stored fat into energy. As the body asks for more oxygen while exercising or taking part in any strenous physical activity, heart has to take care of this demand. It starts pumping more oxygen at a faster pace and this demand for oxygen is met by the lungs.

This entire exchange forces the lungs and the heart to become extremely efficient and the working muscles keep working all the time as long as there is continued activity . This results in a healthy and fit heart and lungs.

Finding the Right Level

We must remember that each one of us has different levels of fitness and different life styles and goals. So, it is important that we perform the right kind of exercise for the right number of days and at the right time.Intensity is also a key factor that needs to be considered while taking part in any strenuous physical activity dpending on our body conditions.

As a beginner, it is important to keep certain things in mind especailly when you have some health complaints related to the heart .Cardio activity can be limited to thrice a week in the beginning and with increased activity levels one can increase it to five sessions a week. Ideally one should start with a duration of 20 minutes and increase it by 10 minutes as you feel more confident and may be to 60 minutes by the end of 4 weeks.

As to what kind of exercise program one would like to do should be decided by the individual since he or she is the best judge when it comes to knowledge of his or her energy levels.Never overdo things in the beginning, but don't be slack either , because it is not going to be of much help to you or your heart .

According to heart specialists ideally our heart rate should get elevated to 60 to 90 percent of the predicted heart rate depending on one's age.The maximum heart rate is 220 bpm ( beats per minute) for all.For example :- if you are 30 years old then your heart rate can go to 220 - 30 = 190 maximum and for a 50 year old person it can go to 220 - 50 = 170 and so on...A beginner should start at 60% intensity which means for a 30 year old it is 114 bpm and 102 bpm for a 50 year old person.

It is good to have a heart rate monitoring watch , which can be strapped on and you can calculate your exercise heart rate and either jog,walk,cycle or hit the gym as you wish. As long as there is activty everything would stay fine with your heart.

A few tips on Walking Right

We see people walking in the parks , on the streets etc ; but , most of them walk for the sake of walking and not do it the right way which gives them maximum health and fitness benefits. While walking for health purpose one should bear certain facts in mind.

1, Always walk with your chin held up and look stright forward. This posture is best suited since the activity and its benefits get distributed equally to all parts of the body.

2, Keep you neck and shoulders in a relaxed position instead of keeping them stiff which may cause muscle cramps.

3, When stepping forward, plant your heels first on the ground and then roll your body weight instead of pressing down heavily.

4, Swing your arms with slightly bent elbows upto your chest level or what ever is comfortable to you.

5, Hold your stomach muscles firm and tight,it should be tucked in and not bulging out.This , in time helps you develop a good healthy posture.

6, Never take long strides. Many people with knee pain tend to do this but in the long run ,it does not help your body nor your knees .Knee pain is normally caused by excessive body weight and with the right kind of exercise it can be set right.

7, Keep taking deep breaths as you walk inhaling all the way deeply from the stomach and exhaling . Never do this with your mouth.

8, Swing your arms to and fro and in circles at least a couple of times while walking .This helps in tightening the loose flabby fat that gets accumulated in the upper arms .

9, Finally , you should walk at a brisk pace and continue to walk at the same pace for at least 30 minutes to get any health benefit . Any added exercise or prolonged activity is a bonus for your system.

Every bit of exercise helps the heart and in turn keeps our system healthy and fit.


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