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Interesting information about elephants

June 05, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Environment  Earning $0.30   Views: 844

The elephant is the largest animal. There were more than three hundred species but only three exist now. The elephant is trapped and hunted mercilessly for its tusks. It is fast becoming an endangered species. The elephant has an excellent memory and lives in a herd. Interesting information about the elephant is provided below.


The elephant is a fascinating animal. It is one of the largest animals at present. There are three species of elephants. They are the Asian elephant, the African bush elephant and the African forest species. The African species is scientifically known as Loxodonta Africaana. The Asian species is scientifically known as Elephas Maximus. The Asian elephant is relatively smaller than the African species. The elephant’s ears are very large but the hearing capacity is very less. The ears of the African elephant are larger than the Indian counterpart.

The adult male elephant is known as bull. The female is known as cow. The baby is known as calf. The female gives birth to only one calf at a time and twins are rare. A group of elephants is referred to as a herd. The elephant makes sounds like trumpeting, grunts, whistles and purrs. The elephant is very attached to its herd and its calf. The African elephant is usually about thirteen feet tall and weighs about 15,350 pounds. The Asian elephant is usually about ten feet tall and weighs about 10,000 pounds.

The elephant walks gracefully. It walks about four mile per hour. The healthy elephant consumes about 490 pounds of food each day. The animals live in herds. They are not attacked by carnivorous animals easily. The males have ivory tusks. Elephants are often attacked for their tusks. They are also an endangered species because of various reasons like deforestation, global warming and water pollution. Encroachment of land by humans is the main reason behind this. Human lay traps and capture elephants. The trapped elephants are trained by tame elephants in Asian countries and made to do hard work. The animals are treated shabbily. The elephant has a powerful memory and does not forget insult and injury. There have been many cases where the animal has attacked and killed the mahouts in India. There are laws to protect the elephants but often disobeyed.

Elephants have a wonderful way of communicating each other. They use trumpeting sound to warn of danger. They also use it to attract females. The trunks are entwined to indicate friendliness. The mother elephant makes low sounds to train her calf to follow the herd. The trunk is also used to pat the calf affectionately.

There are only three species left out of the 350 that were once present on the Earth. The numbers of elephants are dwindling fast and they will survival test only if they are allowed to live in their natural environment without threats from humans.


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