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Fashion - The name says it all

June 05, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 822

Is fashion shows and beauty contests necessary for our society? Are we recognizing the real facts and what we are seeing in front of the shows.


Beauty contest/ Fashion shows are the latest buzzword striking our ears in last two decades. In the contests the jury decides who will be the winner considering physical beauty of the contestants as well as their emotional and intellectual quotients. These contests have gave birth to many identifiable personalities like Aishwarya ray and Susmita sen etc

The real world

These fashion shows provides a medium in which we can interact our nation with the world. Due to this there is an exchange of thoughts ,ideas, cultures and customs between the countries. This helps to bind the world with a rope. There are beauty contests like Miss world, Miss universe, Miss earth, Miss international, Mr world , Mr international and so on. These beauty contests were organised by different countries. The main pageant of miss world was held consecutively in the continental US from 1952-1971.

Since then it has usually been held in different countries each year. This year there were 77 candidates competed for this title means globalization between 77 countries, which was held in Mexico city. So, in this respect, we can promote fashion shows/ beauty contests.

Beauty contents may be a mean to expose our culture. But its one of the biggest reason of degradation of our culture. We are adopting the western culture. One day our culture will only be present in books and novels if we continue like this. Its under constant evolution and these factors affect the pace of the change and even divert it.

Change is unavoidable - Its part of the game

In every beauty contest the women are free to wear their preferable dresses in some events and the representatives from INDIA wear sarees. Now, cotton sarees are acceptable in some countries. Not only girls, we are also not wearing dhoti and kurta, which is our dress because with the developement of business and economy, social standard of living is also improving and we find these as fashionable. As well as we are not forgetting our culture at all, for an example in each and every wedding ceremony the bride wears saree and the bridegroom wears sherwanis, not jeans and tops.

There are situations like rituals where we uphold our culture and tradition. This is the situation of today''''s world. But, in a globalised world, the dressing sense of the people are also affected by the global village and its fashion trends.

In a beauty contest women are never free to wear dress according to their wish. But the sponsor decides what he or she will wear. Its a part of the commercial show-bizz. If we are talking about social structure, a society where people wear fashionable clothes does not means a developed society. But always fashion attracts people. its the part of the flow.

In beauty contests, big advertising agency provide sponsorship for the contest for the publicity of their product. Women/men are treated as beauty object and their beauty is used to endorse a product. At the end its all about business and publicity stunt.

Our culture is not just confined only to wedding process. If we talk about our culture, we always touch our parents feet before going for a new work. This is our culture, we respect those who earns it. When we listen our national anthem, we always stand up and gives the respect we need to give. This is our culture. We celebrate dushera, ganesh puja with more enthusiasm than new year. This is our culture.

We respect our tradition. A wife can sacrifice everything for her husband. This is our culture. But as time changes, evolution happens. At some period, we said Sati was the right custom. Now we are standing against it. So, there are things which we will ourselves find as wrong in long run. We are wearing jeans, it does not mean that we don''''t respect our culture.

The Glamour world

Beauty contests are a way to fame. Youth who want fame and money is getting attracted to it. But development must not alter our traditional values which our ancestors have respected for decades. The development of a society depends upon, how fast it can accustom itself with the changes around the world and it doesn''''t matter whether the change is minor or major one.

There are both advantages and disadvantages in every feature. We have to consider whether the advantage is taking over the other one or not. Like this we cannot avoid a real benefit, a new step just for minor things. Then we have to ban these TV channels, movies, internet and many more. That means we are real losers. Mahatma Gandhi gave India independence and how we can say that Mahatma Gandhi paved the way for dividing India. Its all part of the game.
Don't blame the tools, its use completely depends on who uses it and for what.


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