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China - A Complete overview

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China is a land of beauty and mystery. Many people are not aware of China’s rich cultural history because they do not know the language. The Chinese people have contributed a lot to the improvement of mankind. Interesting facts about China, its cuisine, martial arts and religions are provided below.


China - The land of beauty and mystery

The word ‘China’ brings many beautiful images to the mind. It is a country which boasts of a beautiful culture and history. China has the world’s largest population. The people are proud of their language and culture. China is fast emerging as a successful nation.

The first dynasty in China was the Xia dynasty. China was a feudal country until Sun Yat Sen ended the rule and proclaimed the country as a republic. There have been incidents which affected the people of the country in the later part of the twentieth century but China is progressing fast.

Major Inventions

The major inventions in the history of mankind were by Chinese people. They are printing, paper, gunpowder and compass. These inventions have helped man to improve his life considerably. The Chinese have recorded their historical developments. Learning and understanding the Chinese culture will help in developing fruitful relationships with the people.

Chinese Food

The major attractions in china include the Chinese cuisine and the martial arts. Chinese food is loved by almost all people. The Chinese people give great importance to color, taste and aroma. The dishes are classified on the basis of sour, salty, sweet, bitter and hot. Spices are used abundantly in the Chinese cuisine. Spices include ginger, aniseed; chilly, sesame seeds, cinnamon, prickly ash seed and nutmeg are added to increase the taste of the dish and to remove bad taste of sea food. There are eight groups in the Chinese cuisine. They are Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian, Anhui and Jiangsu cuisines.

Tea is a drink that is loved by most people in the world. Tea was first produced in China. Chinese merchants sold tea and it became an instant hit. The north and south banks of the Yangtze River, south China and southwest China are parts where tea plant is grown.

Martial Arts

There are two groups in martial arts – the Wudang and the Shaolin. The people in the northern parts practice the Shaolin and the people of the south practice Wudang. Both these sects stress on the importance of practicing Jing, Qi, Shen (external) and Skin, bone and muscle (internal). Martial arts films like those of Bruce Lee helped to make it a popular sport.

Chinese Language

The major Chinese language is Mandarin. However there are different versions like Putong Hua, Huayu, Hanyu, Standard Chinese and Guoyu. The characters in the language are believed to have originated about three thousand years ago.

Religions in China

The major religions in China are Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Islam and Catholicism. The Chinese astrology is very popular and their calendar also doubles as a horoscope. There are famous shrines in China which are a tourist’s delight.

Small Scale Industry

The small scale industry in China has helped deliver popular goods throughout the world at budget prices. ''Made In China'' products are available even in countries like the U.S.A which speaks about its popularity.

Major tourist destinations in China

The major tourist destinations in China include the great wall, the palace museum, temple of heaven, Ming tomb, temple of Jade Buddha, history museum,Li river, Silk road and Yangtze river.


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