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How to write a request letter by parents to the principal to take their child on leave

June 06, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.10   Views: 21038

In this article, I have explained on way of writing a request letter by parent to head of the school to grant leave for his/her child. This article will give an idea to parents how to frame a leave letter for their children.


Generally, in private schools, if student is absent for one day without any intimation; the next day will be bad for the student as the management will send notice to student's home. This situation comes true in present situation. Even student gives a leave letter to class teacher, it is not enough for him/her to take leave. Only parents as to attest that letter or parents has to write a leave letter on behalf of their son/daughter to grant a leave from the management of the school. In this crisis, parents has to learn about writing of a leave letter for their children.

How to write a leave letter to request leave by parent to their child?

a) First, leave letter should be started with date and place on the top right side of the letter;
b) After, name of the principal, school and address of the school should be written started at same column;
c) Giving leave depends upon the salutation of head of the school. So, parents can use "Respected sir" as salutation.
d) After, reference should be written below salutation by leave one or two rows as space. In the reference, parent has to write his/her child name and name of the class in which the child is studying.
e) In the body of the letter , first of all, parent has to introduce himself in one line. The parent has to enter the reason that the child will get absent from the school. Next, parent has to mention how many days that the child will be absent from the school. Then, the parent has to request the head of the school to let the children to take on leave for mentioned days as leave.
In addition, parent has to ask the head of the school to teach missed syllabus after the child will get into the school. The request should be very humble.
f) Next, parent has to give contact information in the letter which will be used by the school whenever necessary; That means important information will be conveyed to the parent while the child is being on leave from the school.
g) Parent has to show his gratitude to head of the school as the principal grants leave for the child .
h) At right side below of body of the letter, parent has to write "Yours sincerely" under which he/she has to put signature for the witness of the child taken from the school on leave.

Example for leave letter by the parent for his/her child is :
Dt, 2-5-2012,
M. Hari Prasad, M.A., B.Ed., Principal,
Greenland international school.

Respected sir,
Ref: Praveen, 3rd class.

I am Sreenivas, father of Praveen. I have to take my son to Visakhapatnam to attend my sister's marriage for three days. As no one will live in the home during three days. So, please permit me to take my son on leave during three days. It is kindly request to you to teach missed syllabus to my son after he will come to the school.
Thanking you sir,
(Here contact number of the parent should be mentioned)

Yours sincerely,
(Signature of the parent to be here)

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 06/07/2012    Points:1    

good...but write essays or like articles (That should be unique) sure you will get cash credits..
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 06/08/2012    Points:2    

This is a very helpful article ad this explains how to write request letters to the principal by the parents. Very well done by the authoress to explain every bit of details about the same.

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