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Ben 10 game creator review

June 06, 2012  by: krrish ram  Points: 15   Category: Comics & Animation    Views: 829

In this article, I have explained the steps in Ben 10 game creator. This article will give the full information to kids and elders about how to play Ben 10 game. This game will be more fun for all. But, the heart of this game is in creation only.


Ben 10 game creator is an online cartoon network game creator. In this online game, users can create their own games and paste them on cartoon network game creator. There is a facility called "game chain". With this, we can post our mostly rated game chain and add it to Ben 10 games. In the game creation, we should follow some steps. They are:
a)Select the land scape:

The land scapes of Ben 10 game creator are of wide varieties. They are:
1)landscape1: From this, user can make their land scape.
2) landscape2: it is a hovering type.The land hovers in air. It is highly suitable for Jetray; Jetry is one of the aliens in Omnitrix; Omnitrix is a watch of Ben Tennyson. If the user selects any other hero, the game becomes difficult to play.
3) Landscape3: It is also hovering type but some part of land will be down. It is suitable for any player.
4) Landscape 4: It is normal landscape but contains dangerous spinners. Any living thing in this game if touches the spinners then they definitely die. But, Cannonbolt, an alien hero, will not die while spinning or in attack.
5) Landscape5: It is a land scape in which the land is down but two blocks occupy their whole column and parallel to each other. The columns contain some dangerous glass cylinders which disappears in few seconds and appears in few seconds. In the gap between appear and disappear any hero or villain struck inside he will die.
6)Landscape 6: This landscape is also hovering type. It is suitable for Jetray. It contains sharp rocks on which any one lands or walks will die.
7)Landscape 7: It is suitable for Cannonbolt and Swampfire. In this landscape, the land is up and down. In middle, a four blocks column is empty. Others contain land.
8)Landscape8: It is hovering type. In this landscape, two blocks columns are empty for every four blocks. It is suitable for all characters.
9)Landscape9: In this landscape, some part is standard and remaining part is hovering. It is suitable for spider monkey. It is dangerous because of invisible blocks.
10)Landscape10: It is the last landscape in Ben 10 game creator. One column is empty on either side of the landscape. : Jetray, Cannonbolt, spidermonkey and other hero aliens are suitable for this landscape.These landscapes can be edited by the users regarding to their interest.
step 1 complete.

b)Select back ground:

All the back grounds are colourful we can select any of them to create the game. First, second and third back grounds are same but different in colour. Similarly, third, four and fifth back grounds are same but their colours are different. Further, every three back grounds are same in feature but different in colour.

step 2 complete.

c)Select the hero:

There are number of heroes in Ben 10 game creator. They are:
1)Ultimate Big Chill: This alien can fly in air; It attacks while flying; It can destroy projectiles. It can glide by its double jump.
2)Ultimate Echo Echo: He drops supersonic discs which release high sound echoes. The echoes destroy projectiles. He can jump twice.
3)Ultimate Cannonbolt: He attacks enemies while spinning. He can be invincible while dashing. He can fit in small place while dashing.
4)Waterhazard: He attacks with water; The holes in his hands release water. He attacks enemies with an angle. If he double jumps he gets a bubble shield over him. His shots destroy projectiles.
5)Terraspin: He pushes enemies with a whirl wild wind. He can not destroy projectiles. His double jump allows him to hover jump.
6)Brainstorm: He attacks enemies with a chain lightening. He fits in a small space. He destroys projectiles but he cannot jump for a long space.
7)Swampfire: He can throw fire balls at enemies. He can destroy projectiles with fire balls. He can jump for longer space. If he throws continuoes fire balls, he goes back.
8)Humongousaur: He attacks enemies with super punch and he can destroy projectiles. He jumps for long distance.
9)Jetray: He attacks enemies with a dash. He fits in small space while dashing enemies.He can jump for very much longer distances.
10)Spidermonkey: This is the last alien and it is amazing alien. It can attack enemies with web through tail. It can fit in small spaces. It can double jump. It can cling on walls.

Step3 complete.
d)Select the goal:

There are four goals in Ben 10 game creator. They are:
a)Get to the door: For this goal, hero should come near the door at any circumstances.
b)Collect all orbs: The diamonds or orbs should be collected by hero and then get near the door.
c)Battle all enemies: First, hero should battle and kill all enemies and then get near the door.
d)Collect all orbs and battle all enemies: Hero should get near the door after killing all enemies by collecting the orbs.

Step4 complete.
e)Design the level:

There are four components in this step. They are:
a)Walls and floors: Again, in this component, there are six designs in which five floors and one wall are there. They are:
a)Floor1, floor2 and floor3: On this floors, heroes and villains can walk but not jump through;
b)Floor4: On this floor, heroes and villains can walk and jump through;
c)Floor5: This floor is interesting one; It will fall after walked on but heroes and villains can not jump through;
d)Wall: This wall disappears and appears for a while. This is also dangerous to heroes and villains.
All the floors can be used as walls also.
b)Objects: There are four orbs and two boxes. They are
a)Orb1, orb2 and orb3: These types of orbs can be collected by hero;
b)Orb4: This orb disappears and appears for few seconds simultaneously. Hero can collect these orbs only while appearance;
c)Box1: This box is made of virtual wood. Hero can attack or push this box to get near the door.
d)Box2: This box is made of virtual iron. Hero can push this box but he cannot attack it.
c)Hazards:There are six hazards in which three are hazardous objects and remaining three are related to villains. They are:
a)Hazardous object1: If hero or villain comes near it(spinner). The spinner's spikes will cut the hero or villains' body and they will die.
b)Hazardous object2: This object is called sharp rock. If hero or villain walks or lands on it, then sharp rock will kill them.
c)Hazardous object3: This is an electric box. If hero or villain touches it, then they will get electric shock and die.
d)Villain1: This villain can attack the hero but cannot move. He is called DNAlien.
e)Villain2: This villain can move and attack the hero. He is known to be crockator.
f)Villain maker: This machine makes crockator for every five seconds.
After setting above components, we have to test the game as a final step. Only after successful testing, the game is eligible to send to cartoon work. Cartoon work valid this game after users rate and mark the difficulty of the game.
Step 6 complete.


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