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Olive oil - The Liquid Gold

June 06, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 9   Category: Health  Earning $0.10   Views: 630

What is olive oil? How is olive oil got? Are there several grades of olive oil? What are the benefits of olive oil?


Olive oil is well known for its good properties and benefits. Did you know that olive oil is highly referred to as liquid gold? It is used in so many spheres like cooking, cosmetics and pharmaceutical purposes. It is also used as fuel.

How is olive oil obtained?

Olive oil is obtained from olives. The olives are crushed to get the oil. There are several grades of the oil. The first grade is got by crushing fresh olives. The second and third grades are got by processing the crushed olives.

Benefits of using olive oil for skin and hair

Olive oil is a grandma remedy. Olive oil has been in use for centuries. It is used to massage new born babies even. The oil helps to lubricate the skin and keep it supple and smooth. Older people can also use it to keep on looking young. It also wards away skin rashes and infections. Those who are suffering from skin itches can apply olive oil regularly in order to remove the itch and remain blemish free.
Dry hair is a great problem and so is dandruff. Olive oil can be used to remove these conditions easily. There is no need for costly treatments if one uses olive oil regularly. The oil massage will help hydrate the scalp and remove the scales. Those who have mild cases of dandruff can massage the oil before bathing. Those who are suffering from severe dandruff have to apply it overnight thoroughly by making partitions in hair. Oily haired people need not worry. They can apply olive oil by mixing it with apple cider vinegar and water before washing it away with water.


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